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Monday, April 6, 2015

Germanwings Flight 9525

On March, 24., an Airbus 320 from airline Germanwings en route from Barcelona to Düsseldorf hit a mountain in the French alps at full throttle killing all 150 passengers aboard. The scapegoat was quickly singled out among the dead, co-pilot Andreas L., who locked out the pilot and steered the aircraft into disaster. Obviously conspiracy theorists voiced their doubts about the official story, so authorities came up with more details to fortify their version of the sequence of events. After searching the home of Andreas L., they found doctor's notes about depressions he suffered from and furthermore he looked up in his computer methods of committing suicide and how the cockpit doors function, convinced now ? Nope, not buyin' it. Okay, but when they found the second flight data recorder and evaluated the contents, all doubts should be erased by now, that Andreas L. is the culprit, who committed suicide taking 149 people with him. Believing all this would be easier, if the leaders of the Western community of values wouldn't be morally completely rotten and the mainstream media journalists their presstitutes or marionutten. So i checked the alternative media for clues, what really happened and encountered indeed some inconsistencies. On a short flight like that, the pilots usually don't need to go to the toilet, especially not after twenty minutes, so this is something the co-pilot could not have taken into consideration. When the plane hit the mountain with 800 km/h, it should have burst into a huge explosion and flames, but no smoke could be detected and the aircraft debris was layed out like a puzzle over a vast area and above all the Airbus has built-in safety devices to prevent flying with that sort of speed close to the ground. Witnesses have attested the presence of French Mirage fighter jets in the area. Did they shot down the Airbus, because he was flying ( perhaps remote controlled ) towards a enormous nearby dam ? Or was the plane brought down by a laser, who was used during a wargame in the area by NATO ? Another possibility is, that both pilots were benumbed by intruding gas, what already happened before and did they send an emergency call ? According to the flight recorder Andreas L. breathed calmly, while approaching the mountain with tremendous velocity, can somebody be that hard-nosed ? Some sounds far fetched, but if the truth it must be kept secret under all circumstances and that is, why all official news must be treated with utmost distrust.

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