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Friday, March 3, 2017

The Oscars 2017

To me Hollywood represents the rotten morality of the western community of values
being a hotbed of sins with its pedophiles, satanists and zionists. During the ceremony
the Illuminati let hand over sculptures to their puppets, which used to be impressive
actors and actrizes a few decades ago,but nowadays look like ordinary people strutting
their stuff on the red carpet surrounded by fotographers, who seems to have entered
a contest, who behaves as the biggest jerk.

And now even a documentary about the "White Helmets" received an Oscar, although
it is common knowledge, that this organisation is sponsored by the CIA, operated only
on terrorist teritory in Aleppo and staged many of their rescue actions. Pretty much
the same from German television,where the worst liars and deceivers receive awards,
as if their critics shall be mocked. So the Oscars are not only a society event, where
the glitterati celebrates themselves, but also has a political component, made evident
when some buffoons were trying to please their masters by bashing Pres. D. Trump.
That an award was given to a wrong movie can only be perceived as a marginalia.

All in all the Oscars, Hollywood and their products should be avoided like the plague.

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