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Monday, December 29, 2014

Outlook For 2015

The term SNAFU ( Situation Normal, All Fucked Up ) describes precisely the current procedures in the Ukraine and the Western community of values. There we go again with us against them and all together against the "IS" and because there is always room for more tensions, Sony Pictures just released another superflous American movie asking for the assassination of North-Corean leader Kim-Jong Un. Clearly the world needs a " De-Americanisation " and not another US- embassy in Cuba. I hope Raul Castro is aware of that or he is in for the next colored revolution - i am sure Mr. Soros would agree. Meanwhile politicians and the mainstream media are trying to deceive and manipulate to the point, where you can believe nothing and nobody. The latest example is the siege in Sydney, which apparently turned out to be a cabal to establish an Australian patriot act with a Muslim as a scapegoat, as we have seen with the attacs on 9/11/2001. Ken O' Keefe made an interesting video about that incident introducing the true culprits, who masterminded these atrocities - scumbags without a single fiber of empathy. Benjamin Freedman also conducted a legendary speech about them,after which some history books should be rewritten. This was a year desillusionizing me once again because of certain folks with former Norwegian MP Jens Stoltenberg one of them. You would think of him as a genuine nice guy and the next minute he is General Secretary of the terrorist organisation NATO and also involved in a shady vessel deal with an Nigerian warlord. Then there is former boxing champ Vitali Klitschko. I thought of him as a decent, financially independant character until i read this, when i had to reconsider my opinion. And finally there is Bernd Lucke, chairman of the AFD. Normally i do not vote anymore, because by doing that, you legitimise politicians and their dirty deeds, but made an exception for the AFD naively hoping they would cut back the EU only to find out Lucke supports the sanctions against Russia with the EU not very high on his agenda any longer. Same old song and dance with Obama and Merkel, playing their roles as phony puppets year after year. The latter likes to travel from one summit to the other watching down on her sheeple and her message is : " Go to work, pay taxes, consume and accept what you cannot change ... , otherwise enjoy your sports. " I do not want necessarily join the doomsters camp, because despite the a bit dim appearing outlook with ruthless banksters and corrupt, inept politicians trying to seize the planet as their prey leaving us citizens behind with fists clenched in our pockets, i feel resistance is growing - long may it continue. Ok, friends, that's it from me this year. Pretty soon i am on my way to Peru, getting out of the matrix and the daily grind for a while. As usual thanks for tuning in and the very best of luck for 2015 !

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