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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Road To Armageddon ...

In 1962, the USA planned to execute the Operation Northwoods with a string of terror attacs including the shotdown of a passenger aircraft with the target to blame Fidel Castro and pull Cuba into a war. Does that ring a bell ? Flight MH17 ? Back then President Kennedy didn't play along, while nowadays so far Putin is the fly in the ointment. However the US-Congress keeps on pushing by approving on behalf of Wall Street and the militay industrial complex Resolution 758, which is basically a rehash of lies and false accusations towards Russia, but gives Pres. Obama the green light to start a war against Russia and it is probably only a matter of time until we see the next false flag operation. To me the USA completely lost the plot, boged in violence, distrust and debts now exceeding 18 trillion $ !!! and desperate enough to plunder the Ukraine's gold reserves and when the elites see their stocks further tumble, in other words a financial system collapse, nothing is unthinkable. Of course Wladimir Putin is fully aware of that and conducts maneuvers to keep his troops alert, what western presstitutes call saber rattling. In case of a armed conflict, there is a good chance we Germans are the first to get burnt to crisps, because of the US arms of mass destruction stored here, but chancellora Merkel can't be bothered. She keeps defending the sanctions against Russia with flimsy reasons and wants to get on with the free trade zone with the empire of terror - Uncle Rothschild will be proud of her. Now i know Merkel has plenty of disciples following her even if she would butcher a seal pup in front of a rolling camera, but for those, who want to know, why Angela " Aniela Kazmierczak " Merkel constantly acts against the interests of the German population, this webpage could provide some clues.

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