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Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Childhood in Germany

While some say i am not the sharpest blade in the drawer i made a few decisions over the years i am quite content with. One of these is not to sire any offspring and here is why. After birth a certificate of birth is issued and mortgaged right away by the state in exchange for the ability to make debts. It is quasi the first step into slavery, because future salaries are taken already into the equation as securities. Newborns do not receive an RFID chip yet, tests are underway, but most certainly a variety of vaccinations containing mercury to lay the foundation for future deseases to keep Big Pharma happy. The state keeps on pushing to separate the kids from their parents by encouraging these to dispose them in day nurseries, where they obtain an education according to the states interest and perhaps even an early political indoctrination. The state wants streamlined, functioning citizens and not rebellous minds, who are scrutinizing things. The next step for the kids is entering the school system. For the same reason the kids learn there only, what they are permitted to know and not, what they should know. Should a pupil be a little more lively doctors are quick to diagnose ADAD and spoon-feed Ritalin and because the number of highschool years has been curtailed from 9 to 8 many students now show distress signals normally associated with adults working overtime. After the kids have finished school many of them have developed a robot like personality void of any creativity, staring with dull faces at their smartphones and i certainly do not want to expose a young human to all that. So being a parent would probably not work out the way i want it, but fortunately i do not need a child to put some content in my life or feel the biological urge to reproduce. One could argue, that i shun responsibilities or don't think of the next generations - i accept that accusation, but ultimately don't care.

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