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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Berlin-"Attack" Revisited

For tomorrow a minute´s silence in commemoration of the supposed victims of
the Berlin attack has been organized. Now i wrote before, that every Anatolian
goatherd would immediately know, that that event has written "hoax" all over it,
but not some German sheeple, who complained about chancellora Merkel´s lack
of compassion and so six weeks after the charade the hour of the hypocrites has
come - if you hear somebody banging his forehead on the keyboard, that´s me.

When you take a look at this foto and believe, what they told us, you believe
everything. It simply defies laws of physics, that a ca. 14 meter long truck can
manouvre like that with high speed and leave the ramshackle shacks at the en-
trance mostly unscathed and then take the curve without veering. The yellow
chalk marks shall reinforce the scam, but only make him more ridiculous.

Furthermore the Breitscheid-Platz is densely surrounded by bollards, however
not one of them is damaged, nor is the lower front part of the truck. Conclusion
is, the truck was parked there in reverse with debris planted around him. Here
is the video from the dash cam. If it is not complete CGI-fakery with people
running in front of a green screen, it clearly can be seen, that the truck drives by
the Chrismas market and never turned right. And finally here is crisis actor extra-
ordinaire Guiseppe LaGrassa, who rather looked like he got in a bar brawl, than
ran over by a truck - nothing but a load of nonsense.

Shame and disdain to all people involved in that charade. You helped taking my
esteem for the FRiG and its population to another low.

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