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Monday, March 3, 2014

The Ukraine

Never been there, so i can´t judge the circumstances people have to live with and when some ( West- ) Ukrainians demand a change of politics and closer ties to the EU to improve their lives, it sounds plausible. However there are strong pointers , that we are looking at another case of U.S / EU elites orchestrated imperialism with big time investor George Soros involved. Last December U.S politician John McCain (R) traveled to Kiew to conduct a speech on main square agitating against elected president Yanukovich. He talked about freedom hiding the fact, that the U.S and the E.U. are constantly drifting towards facism and wants Georgia and the Ukraine to join NATO, so that Russia nearly completely is surrounded by NATO countries. Then former Prime Minister Julia Tymoschenko was released from prison and immediately tried to regain political influence. She is a shady character and convicted criminal, but this didn´t hinder Chancellora Merkel to phone and congratulate her along with the promise of a back surgery in Germany on taxpayers expense. During the riots on Maidan square one could see many demonstrators wearing masks and carrying machine guns, as if they were schooled for the riots and also some demonstrators were killed by snipers, who allegedly did not belong to the police. President Yanukovich, granted he is not a very likable sort, meanwhile fled to Russia and was replaced by pro - western politicians, what can be considered an illegal act. It would be naiv to assume , that Russia´s President Putin would watch all this inactive. So he dispatched troops to the Crimea to protect the rather to Russia orientated population and the Black Sea fleet, what in turn mobilized U.S. foreign minister John Kerry, a " Skull and Bones " member, to threaten Russia with the exclusion from the G-8 club - all in all the situation remains explosive . Austrian MEP Ewald Stadler is not one of the E.U.´s Mickey Mouse politicians and in this video he explains, what is going on in a nutshell and what would happen, if another poorhouse joins the E.U..

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