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Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Hoax Of The Month ...

... happened this time in Manchester, England, during a concert from Illuminati
princess Ariana Grande. Now some might say " How dare you are talkin' like
this, when children perished "(not this one though) and also friendships break
up over such a controversal statement with the divide & conquer strategey star-
ting right there, however i have done my research unlike most people, before
i stick my neck out. I may be a cynic, impossible not to be in this world, but also
a truth seeker not believing a single word the mainstream media passes to us and
there are several pointers in this event too giving the idea we are mislead again.

There was an anti terror drill conducted in Manchester to start off with, then you
have the usual numerology stuff, crisis actors ( this one sporting the freemasonry
one leg symbol ) allegedly injured and mindlessly carried around by personnel,
others than medics. There was no footage or image from the explosion side not
even smoke, so the hall speaker knew what he said by telling the people to leave
calmly towards the foyer, where the blast occured, there is no problem and even
wished a good time tonight.

UK-Premier Theresa May meanwhile  raised the terror threat level once again
and said a further attack is imminant, thus has done some predictive program-
ming. I guess they are just looking for another appropiate Muslim patsy and if
that attack happens, i strongly suggest to approach such events at least critically.

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