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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Nukes ? What Nukes ?

I recently took a closer look at the alleged nuclear bombing of the Japanes cities Hiro
-shima and Nagasaki and came to the conclusion both cities became victims of a
carpet bombing campaign with napalm similar to the attacks of Tokyo and Dresden
with no nukes involved.

What i understand is, that it is technically not possible to ignite a huge explosion by
a chain reaction through splitted atoms, hence we are dealing with another hoax.
This statement is enhanced by the facts, that no abnormal radiation in both cities
could be detected, nor higher cancer rates and already a couple of days after the raid
plants were growing again.

So what is it all about ? Of course it has to do with fear mongering, since afraid people
are most easily to steer.Furthermore money laundering  and extorting tax dollars from
a non-existent program could be a reason. The Russians must be part of the scam and
we are told there are enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world many times over,
when there is no evidence of a single nuclear rocket. They presented a Soviet colonel,
who kept his cool, when something that looked like a US nuclear rocket appeared on
his screen what turned out to be a false alarm and had he pushed a button for a counter-
attack, we all would be toast - all rubbish imho.

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