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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Merkel, Gauck And the World Cup 2014

I had my doubts about the German team, but was proven wrong. With the excception of a few bumpy games, this handsome bunch played good, intelligent football and deservedly won the cup. Their behaviour after the thumping of Brasil needs a special positive mentioning. However i wouldn't be a German, if i had nothing to nag about. They are great football players, but terrible dancers as Thomas Müller demonstrated in this video - a duck on ice has more elegant moves. Just kidding and what really winds me up was the presence of chancellora Merkel and to make matters worse she had Federal President Gauck in her tow. These two constantly act against the interests of the German people, albeit in favour of the EU and the financial elites as Merkel recently for instance made clear by supporting the Transatlantik Trading and Investment Partnership (TTIP). I posted this video earlier to show her attitude towards Germany, but that does not hinder her to grab the limelight in between successful football players to present herself as the " mother of the nation " -  opportunism and hypocrisy taken to a new height and watching millions of Germans wearing black red and gold must be sheer horror for her. Merkels spying activities for the former East German secret police " Stasi " were well documented, hence her nickname IM Erika, however the so called "Rosenholz files" disappeared, but were probably seized by the CIA and contain enough explosive material to blackmail Merkel and other German politicians. Furthermore rumors keep lingering, that Merkel is an illegitimate daughter of former chancellor Helmut Kohl, whose real name is Henoch Kohn. Sounds absurd ? Her biography tells something different, but nowadays manipulating biographies is no big deal ( Ever heard of Barry Soetoro ? He is better known under his alter ego Barack Obama). At least it would explain Merkels affinity for Israel. Not too long ago she explained, that Germany would guarantee Israel's security and since decades, Germany delivers arms to Israels with submarines worth hundreds of millions dollar almost exclusively on the German taxpayers expense. Besides Merkel has meanwhile a closet full with honors and awards fom Israel. With her powerful friends and networking skills, she made shure every noteworthy opponent was taken out of her way to the top ranks, where she is untouchable now. I really would like to see, German national players would get clued up and avoid "selfies"  with her in the future, but that is probably asking for too much.

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