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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Germany - An October 2014 Summary

I recently traveled through the Northern part of Germany, encountered great sceneries and good people and thought, that despite all of its shortcomings it is certainly a privilege to live here. However that view becomes more and more tarnished, because of some current irritations and observations i made. Last week 1300 policemen were needed to curb a clash between Kurds and Islamists here in Hamburg, what could be a foretaste of what we can expect in the future. It goes without saying, that it is mandatory to help fugitives, who escaped hell from their home countries and are looking for food and shelter now. Nonetheless many of them abuse the offered hospitility, don't accept German manners and commit crimes knowing that pussyfootin' authorities would turn a blind eye on them. Meanwhile i even suppose, that some conflicts are designed to create fugitives flooding all over Europe, thus enhancing a subtle Islamism. Add to that the unrestricted free movement of workers and pretty soon we have a population of people with forgotten roots, lost identities, the willingness to work for a couple of Euros and not able to organize resistance and this brings TTIP into the picture. Benito Mussolini once defined the concept of facism as a fusion between big corporations and states. While the corporations are usually filthy rich and the states are sunken in debts, it's obvious who makes the annoucements and unions, appropiate wages and social benefits could soon be things of the past, not to mention all the other missdeeds introduced with TTIP. I guess the manifestations against TTIP last Saturday were quite successful, but barely covered by the mainstream media. Journalist Udo Ulfkotte wrote a few controversial books, but his latest received plenty of accolades for revealing corrupt scribes and news anchormen lying straightfaced to the people as we just have seen it during the Ukraine crisis. No doubts, nowadays politicians and journalists are handpicked and if someone does not follow a given line he can forget about his career. Many kids here will not enjoy any sort of career either, because they don't know, how to write properly. All of a sudden they learn writing by hearing - " Erm .., say it again "!- That's right, they try to learn writing by hearing, a method developed by a Swiss social pedagogue with the outcome, that the kids are not able to find a notion at Google, because they are not able to spell correctly. Furthermore mentally retarded kids study now in regular classes ( inclusion ) , thus slowing down instruction for all others too . I don't get it, but as unbelievable as it sounds, it seems their level of education shall be kept as low as possible. Because less educated people are easier to govern ? I wrote earlier about secret societies, trying to install a New World Order. Their plan ( =>Zbigniew Brzezinski " Strategic Vision " /=> The Protocols of Zion ) is not layed out short termed, but over decades and they are ticking off one box after the other from their bucket list. Some of the above may sound as utter nonsense from a conspiracy theorist, but as long as old man want to live out their fantasies of unlimited power, instead of doing a little gardening or playing with the grandkids, everything is thinkable.

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