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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Mainstream Media ...

... here in Germany has an rapid decline of readers and viewers and deservedly so after their scandalous onesided coverage of the Ukraine crisis. The journalists reacted by handing over the prestigous Hanns Joachim Friedrichs award to one of their most critized protagonists, Golineh Atai, making it clear that brainwashing peoples minds is their main intention. Nonetheless more and more folks are fed up with the USA controlled and censored mainstream TV cannels and papers and are looking elsewhere for profound information. That this is necessary underlines another example. Chistophe de Margerie, boss of French oil giant Total,was killed in a misterious plane crash on Moscow airport Wnukowo two days ago, when his jet hit a snowplow during take-off, allegedly driven by a drunken operator, who miracously got away unscathed. Margerie made recently a statement, that he wouldn't mind it, if oil would be billed in Euros, what i did not read in any paper, but here. Perhaps Margerie has signed his death sentence by saying that, because he became inconvenient for the system and had to die, as John F. Kennedy, Alfred Herrhausen, Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein to mention a few, before him. His possible successor at least belongs to the lobbygroup Transatlantik Bridge and will not be suspicious of such ideas.
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And if the latest terrorist attack in Canada is another false flag or an act of state terrorism to have a reason for tightening surveillance measures on civilians, Gerhard Wisnewski will probably write about it in his next yearbook.

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