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Thursday, May 8, 2014

" Think, It Ain't Illegal Yet " ...

... is an old song by George Clinton's ( left ) group Funkadelic and the title is more up to date than ever. In 2015 Sweden wants to implement a " Opinion Police " harassing those, who do not go along with the EU guidelines. Perhaps it is just a test balloon to see, how people would react and when an uproar does not appear, the whole EU population will have to deal with it. I have read an article in the Hamburger Abendblatt, that every EU foreigner working in Germany is entitled to apply child benefits for kids living in his native country, costing German taxpayers 600 million Euros annually and pretty soon every EU foreigner looking for work in Germany has the right to apply for unemployment benefits. Many communities are already shivering, because of the amount of money they would have to pay out. Now i wonder, what will occur, if a German does the same in Spain for instance. The Spainish would probably laugh at him or let the dogs out. Anyway, when someone here voices his opinion, that he his not very happy with the way his taxes are used for, chastisement awaits - facism, folks ! Elsewhere the EU still tries along with the USA and the NATO  to gain control over the Ukraine. Their 5 billion $ investment ( for details please contact George Soros ) wasn' t fruitful and fired backwards, so IWF boss Christine Lagarde showed up, wagging with billions of Euros, the government in Kiew could receive on conditions of course and shortly afterwards the Ukrainian army attacked the Pro-Russian forces ... These forces however know they not only combat against camouflaged blokes from the Ukrainian army, but also against Western  aristocrats, they might despise with a vengeance and thus will not give in for a single inch. As usual, when the US government and the CIA are in the mix the situation becomes messy and a secession between East- and West Ukraine seems to be inevitable.

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