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Thursday, May 29, 2014

EU-Parliament Election Wrap-Up

The outcome of the elections was quite satisfying since many EU sceptic parties finished in double figure percentage numbers. Not so the German AfD, who only received 7 % of the votes, however allegations already emerged, that this low number has to do with election fixing, what wouldn't surprise me a bit. More importantly the plans of the financial elite to install a New World Order came to a halt and for instance the Bilderberger have to go back to the drawing board prior to their Copenhagen meeting. To make matters worse for them, Wladimir Putin tries to establish a counterbalance alliance along with the BRICS nations. He is understandably fed up with the West and if he puts into effect his plans to bill oil and gas in rubel in accordance with China and Iran, this could mean the end of the petrodollar. Irak and Libya once had similar plans and unlike Russia, could be punished for it, because the US dollar would lose massive value and the USA couldn't afford any overseas war activities any longer. Let's hope their arrogant, violence based leadership comes to an end soon.

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