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Thursday, May 15, 2014

About Drag Queens And Tolerance

Last weekend the Eurovision Song Contest took place and victory was captured by a bearded Austrian drag queen, named Conchita Wurst, who sang a bog awful, schmaltzy James Bondesque opus de horreur. Beforehand some nations demanded her expulsion from the competition and that she has won can in hindsight be viewed as a political statement. Even songbird and fellow Austrian Udo Jürgens was overwhelmed by saying, this is a victory of the oh so tolerant Europe. Now there is a thin line between tolerance and indifference, so ignoring certain streams can spell trouble because unlikeable sorts can take advantage of the situation. Nothing wrong with drag queens though ( the foto shows our very own Olivia Jones ) and through the EU and mainstream media imposed political correctness, we have to like them anyways. Another less extroverted one is the First Lady of the USA ! Say what ? Sodomy in the White House ? That's right, according to the makers of this video, Michelle Obama's real name is Michael La Vaughn Robinson, a former American Football player. With todays available movie editing technology such allegations of course have to be taken cautiously, but if so, what a couple - the drag queen and her not so totally straight husband.

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