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Thursday, April 24, 2014

25.05.14 EU Parliament Elections

On February, 3rd in 2013 The Telegraph published an article saying that the EU would spend 2 million pounds on press monitoring amid fears of a growing EU hostility. Who knows, perhaps this could concern this blog too, since you will not find a single positive EU mentioning here. Meanwhile the EU propaganda machine is in full swing with a witch-hunt going on against Putin and EU-sceptics, even more so after chancellora Merkel visited German media giant Springer. So again, the EU is a project by a financial elite trying to shift more money from the bottom into their satchel, trying to eliminate the middle-class and make the people of Europe an easy to control mass with lost identities. Recently Greece returned to the capital market, what was of course hailed by banksters and investors - where else can you get interest rates of 4.75 % these days. Everybody involved knows Greece will never pay back the money, what is as usual left to the stupid Germans, however nobody here seems to be bothered. The current situation in Germany is relatively calm. I read that money for the blind was trimmed, that support for a soup kitchen was canceled, that many schools are rotten, that in two more cold winters plenty of roads will not be passable anymore or that many people are sitting in the dark, because they cannot pay the bills any longer, but in general life goes on. Now Germany sits on debts of 2 trillion Euros, has liabilities of hundreds of billion Euros through thre ESM and has politicians keep waisting money left, right and center. So the setting looks very fragile and things could change overnight. If so, Germany as well could pilgrimage to the EZB asking them for money in return for issued bonds. Germany would have to pay massive amounts of interest and where will the money in question come from ? Right, fom the taxpayers hard earned. It doesn't need shackles and chains to become enslaved. To make matters worth the banking union was enacted - Eurocrats called it an historic moment. Well, if i had money in the bank i would be worried since the union was clearly installed to get access to customers accouts, as was shown in Cyprus. Their money pool only contains 55 billion Euros and should a bank gets in trouble that kind of money will be used up quickly with a customer accounts clearing afterwards. And now to the elections. As EU council President Van Rompuy states in this interview the EU parliament is not asked, when important decisions are on the agenda. It mostly contains useless politicians, beleaguered by 15000 registered lobbyists in Brussels, looking for well endowed jobs. They are not even entitled to appoint the members of the EU Commission ( = Government ) making the elections a complete farce. They want to give the EU a face of having a democracy, when in reality we have an autocracy or plutocracy. Unlike Americans, Europeans are not armed. Politicians have no respect for us citizens and they know they can f... with us, as they please. And should there be an uprising the Eurogendfor will quickly take care of it - rest assured.

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