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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wladimir Putin and the Homo Clevonicus

A few days ago, Wladimir Putin conducted a game-changing speech in Sotchi, leaving no doubts that he is sick and tired of dealing day-in, day-out with the nuisances of Western governments. Since it was a lenghty discourse Russian blogger Chipstone wrote up a summary , which can be read here. Let's be honest, he is absolutely right by calling the USA a major threat to the world peace. As a self proclaimed democratic model country, election fraud is rampant there and under the pretext of fighting terrorism it turned into a police state, where cops feel free to relieve travellers of their cash or raid private homes without valid reasons. When Russia recently undertook a couple of maneuvers the Western media was quick to call it " sabre rattling ", while Putin wants to be prepared evaluating his opponents well enough to know they could easily go gung-ho and start a military conflict, because of their stalled One World Government plan, to defend the Petrodollar, because of a crumbling finance system or to pamper the arms industry to mention a few. When US vice president Joe Biden said, the USA needed to force the EU to impose sanctions on Russia against their will and the EU complied it must have been a major disappointment for Putin, that for instance Germany jeopardized excellent ties built over decades in favor of a rogue state. Now bashing politicians is certainly popular in most countries and more than justified within the EU. With very few exceptions all bigwigs were inserted to execute a project masterminded by a lot of shady characters assembled in secret societies. The aim is to eliminate the middle-class, so that besides a tiny upper class only a single kind of human being is left - the HOMO CLEVONICUS. This sort has been made mentally numb through constant consume of sports, rubbish TV and junk food with only the most basic of instincts still intact - he won't be much of a challenge for the authorities. Putin himself might have his flaws as a former KGB official, but i definitely feel a personality like him is required in the EU to bring things back on track or should it be normal that kids in school barely learn, how to write and read properly, but expressions in sex education, which would drive a flush of embarassment in some hardcore actors face ? Here in Germany two books aroused attention lately. The first is named " If the Germans would know this ... ( We had a revolution tomorrow ) " and the other " Germany completely off his mind " by Akif Pirincci. Their sales numbers show, that more and more people have a sneaky suspicion that they are fooled by politicians not working for, but against them and demand answers now. Way to go, but at least a ray of light is visible at the end of the tunnel

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