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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Another Blog Bites The Dust

In a country infested with lies and deceptions like Germany, informative blogs
are essential. Unfortunately one of the most valuable pulls the plug now and
it's name is " Die Propagandaschau ". After five years, admin DOK figured out
it is enough and everything eloquently said about the German NATO propaganda
bullhorns and it only can become repetitive. With millions of viewers keep watch-
ing and even worse believing the misinformation from the mainstream media per-
haps he also resignated somewhat.

Within a couple of days the mainstream media once again proved, what a miser-
able bunch they are. When U.S.-Rep. John McCain passed away they wrote hymns
of praise about him completely ignoring his true nature. He certainly was one of
the worst war mongers on the planet, helped triggering the war in the Ukraine,
was best friends with ISIS boss al-Baghdadi and changed  the lyrics from the Beach
Boys song Barbara Anne to "Bomb Iran, bomb bomb bomb Iran" - good riddance.

Then in the German town of Chemnitz two migrants stabbed a local man to death.
Thousand of inhabitants about had it and took it to the streets protesting against
Merkel's politics. There was some flimsy footage from one dude chasing another
bloke, otherwise it was a peaceful manestifation, yet the media and of course our
left/green knuckleheads spoke of progroms. There he is again, the ugly German, this
time not willing to hang his head in shame for lies about the past, but willing to
defend himself.

The stormbringers are comin', looks like those responsible for the current situation
along with their henchmen should search for cover ...

Deep Purple  - Stormbringer

Video - Chemnitz, it's enough. The revolution has begun

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