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Friday, August 10, 2018

§ 5 GG Versus § 130 StGB

There are still some confusions lingering about this two paragraphs, although it
is actually quite simple. The former deals with the freedom of speech and
opinion and is applied, when Germans receive a good ole bashing. The latter
comes into play, when the god equals or migrants are criticised, what is automati-
cally dubbed as hate speech.

Last Wednesday i watched a public television broadcast named Extra 3. The pre-
senter Ehring referred to a headline from newspaper "Zeit" , which made the state-
ment "The more boatpeople are saved, the more will come, so wouldn´t it make
sense not to help to deter other folks from the dangerous voyage ?"  For most
people equipped with common sense this is quite obvious, but not for left -liberal
Ehring, who came up with the following comparison. " When a kid is run over by
a car, don't rush to her rescue, so it can serve as an example for other kids to watch
left and right before crossing the street. Oh no, sorry, that would be cynical. Does
only matter for white European kids."

Will he face any consequences ? Of course not, everything goes under the name of
satire, especially auto-racism. This manifestates once again, the worst enemies of
Germans are GERMANS. The U.S. American occupiers don't need a strong hand
to keep the nation at bay, cohorts of Germans in politics, main stream media, justice
and administrations are already doing a fabulous job to subdue, deceive and rob their
own countrymen. That lack of solidarity makes Germans an easy tartget for the
"divide et impera" game and i cannot see any change in sight as long as types as Ehr-
ing who already called AfD chairwoman Weidel a Nazi-slut are booed off the stage for
their impertinences. And that is saying someone, who is not particular symphazising
with Germans either.

The video from Extra 3 starting at the right point

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