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Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Heat Is On

The heatwave here in Northern-Germany goes into its fourth month and shows no
signs of cooling down. Every day i closely monitor the sky and to my surprise he is
chrystal blue for many days. That means we had very few chemtrails, though some-
times rather peculiar cloud formations perhaps caused by the not too far HAARP-
facility. The official explanation for chemtrails is there cooling effect for not allow-
ing sunbeams to hit the earth, what in my estimation is utter nonsense.

A YouTuber voiced the opinion that POTUS Donald Trump doesn't want to pay any
longer for the spraying, what also appeared a bit far fetched. Trump keeps
irritating with his actions from time to time, though his recent sincere, not masonic
handshake with Vlad Putin was great to watch. Maybe we are getting nearer of the
disclosing of the sealed indictments along with a recent video from Q-Anon,revealing
that the NSA taped every phone call from Barry Obama, Slick Willie and spouse
Hellary, Creepy Biden and the Bushs along with Angela Merkel meaning the sling
around their necks and the Deep State in general is getting tighter. A bit off-topic,
though i wanted to mention it here.

What occured the last in year in California gives us a harsh reminder, what we could
be up to. After many months of enormous heat, wildfires were wide spread followed
by massive rainfall with mudwaves causing huge damages. Of course what happened
in the small town of Santa Rosa had nothing to with wildfires, but Directed Energy
Weapons operating with devastating laser power. Recent images from Greece give the
impression something similar happened there. Homes burned down to the ground, cars
with molten alloy rims and trees rather unscathed.

What the reason would be ? Perhaps the execution of agenda 2030 to herd the people
into the city to have a better control over them.

Isn't it about time to stop the maniacs from the so called elite ?

Video  Q - The plan to save the world

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