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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Health Advice - Jiaogulan / DMSO

I want to pass two remedies i received from YouTube -channel operators i quite
like a lot.

The first is from Wolfgang Brehm, who talks about a herb named Jiaogulan. It
originally stems from a specific region in China, where folks get unusual old
while being very healthy for what Jiaogulan or Womens-Ginseng is held res-
ponsible for. The list of benefits is mindboggling, so i decided to give it a try,
although i am in rude health. I purchased three plants, put them in a pot with
quality soil and placed them in a greenhouse. It is important to keep the soil
moistured and avoid direct sunlight and you literally can watch the plant grow-
ing. I occasionally munch some leafs or sometimes make a tea and must say
the aroma is somewhat leafy and bitter, but tasty.

The other one is the "Kulturstudio" from Michael Grave and Frank Stoner. In one
of their episodes, their topic is a substance named Dimethylsulfoxid (DMSO).
It is actually known for a long time , though no patent can be obtained for it
and that is, why the pharmaindustry has no interest in it and even tries to smother
it since it has the capability to make plenty of their moneyspinner superfluous.
The rave reviews at Amazon, a source i usually try to avoid, leave no doubt, that
it is very useful and should be given a try by those suffering from one of many
treatable diseases, since it is a bargain and basically without side effects.

Alternatively check out MMS / Chlordioxid by Jim Humble

Random video by Wolfgang Brehm

Video from the Kulturstudio about DMSO

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