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Thursday, July 12, 2018

WM 2018 Cup Final Preview And Wrap UP

Good news for those, who cannot get enough of Cup football. From 2026 on the
tournament will be beefed up to 48 nations. Intention of course is to milk the
cash cow football any further not caring about the players and the sport itself.
As we just witnessed many players from the top European clubs were flat to the
board after a long season not able to reproduce their best form especially kicker
from Spain. In eight years, nowadays top players will be retired and replaced with
defence artists tucked in a tactical corset resulting in many tight and boring
games with most goals stemming from set pieces. The current tournament gave
us already a pretaste on what to expect.

The German "Team" ( chancellora and globalist Merkel coined that term) exited
after the group stage following three lacklustre performances. Perhaps they did
it on purpose, what i wrote about in an earlier post or that just happens in a
society turning more and more political left and green, thus slowly getting rid of
the performance principle not only in sports but other areas too. For being servile
to politics coach Löw was rewarded with a two year contract extension showing the
German Football Association is a mirror image of German politics - corrupt, full
of lies and inept.

The tournament is bad news for Merkel and her central banking puppet masters.
They have plenty on their plate establishing world communism aka the NWO under
their rule, because it is evident, folks adore their national and cultural identities and
won't allow a couple of dickheads to take it away from them.

How is it going at the betting front ? I thought i had a couple of sound bets with tasty
odds, but only Lukaku has the slim chance to win the Golden Boot, all others went
south. However yesterday i made some amendments. After regular time between the
England-Croatia clash i rushed to the computer and placed a bet on Croatia to win in
extra time @ 4.6. Englands offence looked awfully ordinary, while Croatia has two
stone cold striker up front with Mandzukic and Perisic. The former did the job fooling
the bookies , who clearly expected a penalty shootout. I invested the profits right
away on FRANCE in the final @ 2.00. *** WON
Croatia certainly demands plenty of respect,but in my estimation class will prevail at
the end with the French lifting the trophy, albeit i hope i get spared the view of
Macron celebrating on the gallery.

I guess the World Cup 2018 has been a fantastic party with great vibes, atmosphere
and flawless organisation with the Red Square in Moscow turned into a football field.
German mainstream journalists tried their level best to smother it, but who is listen-
ing to these pathetic dumbfucks anyways. To say it with the words of German football
legend Lothar Mattäus ... " Spasiba Rossiya ".

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