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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Germany's New Martyr - Beate Zschäpe

The handsome dude behind this link is judge Manfred Götzl. As a Bavarian he
certainly perceives himself a god fearing, family loving Christ, though that does
not hinder him to put someone behind bars for life, who is absolutely innocent
of the accused crimes - he knows it, i know it. I suppose Götzl went meanwhile
to a church to confess and ease his conscience, if existing. Thus he returns to the
good-guys society and this is, how Catholizism works.

Beate Zschäpes show trial dragged on for five years in which not the tiniest piece
of  evidence in her participation of the nine murders committed came to light.
Nearly all victims were Kurdish opposition members and this is were it gets hot,
because traces are leading to the secret service from Turkey, a NATO partner and
valuable partner during the current migrant crisis, so a good relationship to them
is nearly mandatory.

We only can speculate, though is seems all to obvious the NSU ( National Socialist
Underground ) was founded as a cover-up operation. Various testimonies died in
the last years under misterious circumstances, files were " accidentally" shredded
and others locked away for 120 years ! and a associate of the German intelligence
service named Andreas Temme was on side at at least one murder.

Most important however are the deaths of Uwe B. and Uwe M. . The were found
burnt in their camper killed through bullet shots. Officials want to sell it to us as
committed suicides, though some details making that impossible. The weapon they
used was a pump gun, which throws out a cartridge every time someone works the
slide and not after every shot fired - two cartridges were found, go figure. Also
there is no denying the camper was put on fire after the execution of the two men.

This case has all the trademarks of a fascist 4th world banana republic. When the
judge rules someone guilty, who was demonized beforehand by the mainstream
media, he is. Perhaps they make a deal with her and send her to South-America
with a new identity, perpaps they hang her up inside her cell to silence her once
and for all, we don't know yet. What we know is, she is a political prisoner.

What terrifies most, is that Germans sacrifice countrymen to cover up the dirty
deeds of foreign terrorists - unheard of elsewhere.

Interview with " Fatalist " (Workshop NSU)

Video about Yugoslaw citizens killed in Germany by Titos henchmen making it
a similar case

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