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Thursday, July 6, 2017

G 20 - The Insanity Comes To Town

" Why oh' why does this event has to take place here downtown Hamburg ?" some
locals ask shaking their heads in disbelief. The straightforward answer is, because
the Merkel-regime is on a warfare against their own people. Further evidence for this
statement are the planned revokation of the drivers license for "hate speech", ending
the banking secrecy and the installment of spyware on computers owned by folks,
who unjustified got under suspicion of any wrongdoing.

So when chancellora Merkel (CDU) asked fellow Bilderberger and mayor of Hamburg
Olaf Scholz to organize the meeting, Scholz gladly accepted since it will flatter his ego
after the lost Olympic Games.Both of course know citizens will have to deal with enor-
mous sacrifices and economic damages for two days of meaningless chats - after all we
know, who pulls the strings behind the scenes.

There is a 38 square km safety zone, in which people are advised not to approach win-
dows with a broom. A sniper from across the street could misjudge him for a rifle and
fire a bullet straight between the eyes. Some more numbers surrounding the madness:
The G 20 members are accompanied by 6000 diplomats and 5000 journalists. They
will be guarded by around 20000 policemen and booed by as many as 100000 visitors.
Plenty of these will be violence prone and vow to turn the inner city into a battlefield
though they should be warned, that through the Lisbon Treaty policemen are entitled
to kill to tranquilize any uprising and so a bloodbath is not out of the equation.

Now while they are here i want them to agree on the following ... End or the U.S
American hegemony, end of interest slavery, fair trades with so called Third World
countries and no more Co² climate nonsense and geo-engineering.Put up or shut up !

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