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Thursday, July 20, 2017

G 20 - Final Thoughts

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Some more videos erased any doubts about an interaction between the police and
the so called Black Block under political supervision, perhaps even a civil war drill.
One commentator wrote, that he observed, how someone was impeded to take his
car out of the danger zone, while an eyewitness reported having seen policemen as
bystanders when shops were looted. For whatever sick reasoning, images of violence
and destruction were desired.

Police spokesperson Timo Zill explained, that forces couldn't enter the area, because
of some blokes throwing stones and stuff from the rooftop. How they got up there ?
Through a construction scaffold and the answer,why nobody dared to secure it is a no
brainer. In this context i also want to mention German television channel NDR broad-
casting in the "Hamburg Journal", that 13 subjects were on the roof, 9 Germans and 4
Russians, who hours later all of a sudden converted to French and Italians. In another
edition (12:20) they introduced a police man,telling from the off he was on duty for 60
straight hours with two hours of rest, yeah right ! This is the daily subtle propaganda
and outright lying from these bastards we have to deal with. On this picture we see
some police men sleeping on the floor allegedly exhausted. I really would like to be-
lieve it is genuine, but experience in this country tells me it is not and staged.

I reckon,had the police stayed away much lesser damage had been done. The Blacks
had nobody to throw stones at, were bored and perhaps out of frustration destroyed
a couple of shops, thus doing what they were payed for and that's it. Albeit among
these Blacks were youngsters, who when arrived at the scene pulled black clothes
out of the knapsack and transformed from suburbia schoolkids, unfamiliar with the
word "no" and shielded by helicopter parents into stone hurling rebels, who proved
to be invincible for a trained police unit - i guess,that is good news for thousands of
migrants waiting for their mission.

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