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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Notre Dame - Strange Things And Happenings

After the Christchurch - hoax, NZ's tranny Premiere Ardern ordered a gun grab and
stronger social-media surveillance, while some Muslim leaders called for vengeance.
Wether the Easter suicide attacks in Sri Lanka correlate to that incident is uncertain,
mindblowing however how western politicians avoid using the term "Christians", who
were targeted in these attacks.

Burning churches are a regular occurence in France, kept under the rug by the main-
stream media. On April, 15 though every miserable MSM scribe around hammered
an article in his keyboard because of the blaze of an religious epitome - the 850 years
old cathredal "Notre Dame".

Accusations were quickly made, pointing fingers at renovation workers from the com-
pany "Le Bras Freres". Their boss Julien, only 32 years of age and not the usual
building tycoon in appearance, made it clear, that his guys only erected a scaffold
so far and didn't use any torch light or the likes and when they do only with utmost
cautiousness. It is nearly impossible to set very old oak on fire by accident and so
everything hints to arson perhaps with thermite, but why ?

No Muslim scapegoat was presented and hundreds of millions were donated in a jiffy
to reconstruct the cathedral, thus a terror act against Christianity can be excluded.
Leaves only at this point a (satanic) ritual and i guess certain circles do not flinch to
burn down a church for their spooky entertainment and then make young Julien the
culprit, who does not seem to be involved in masonic societies.

And now get this. While Notre Dame was on fire, none other than Michelle "Mike"
Obama floated by on a cruise ship on the river "Seine", sipping a glass of wine. No
doubt, where the Obamas,Clintons or Podestas show up something bad is going to
happen, since in my view they are all sons of Satan.

Lets be clear, the Catholic church is filthy rich and mighty powerful. Cathredrals as
Notre Dame are monuments expressing that power to the outside world. I stated
before that religions were established to divide the people and especially the Catholic
church is a swamp of malpractice, robbery and pedophelia. Two German parties carry
the " C" in their abbrevation for Christianity and they are the worst hypocrites around
caring only about money, power and the economy the people have to serve for instead
of the Ten Commandments.

In that sense i would not be bothered, if they tear down the remains and turn the
place into a parking lot.

Trying to ignite a beam

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Easter Weekend Sports

Already on Friday the Allweather Sprint Championschips take place in Lingfield
with KACHY as hot favorite. Trainer Tom Dascombe is very bullish about the
chances of his speedball and he is virtually impossible to oppose. His odds are
still too low, though should they drift out to around even money i will get on
with maximum stakes.*** WON

Football four-timer in the "Both to score" market ...

Prem. League        Newcastle - Southampton
Germ. 2 League    Kiel - Paderborn
           3 League    Jena - Wehen
Spain  La Liga      Vallecano - Huesca     @ 6.78 *** LOST

Thursday, April 11, 2019

When Members Of The Green Party Opens Their Mouth ...

... you should reach for your earplugs since their babble is a bit too much to stand.
Even chairman Robert Habeck acknowledges this, when he recently closed his
Twitter account to protect himself from his guff. He also lately raised my eyebrows
by stating, that German schools eductate kids to matured citizens, when in reality
they only produce clueless obedient systemites. Habeck has a co-chairwoman with
the name Annalena Baerbock, who accused every German of generating 9 gigatons
of CO²  - say what ? Her comrade Özdemir confuses gigabyte with gigawatts, while
Anton Hofreiter regularly makes himself a complete fool with his hissy fits inside
the parliament.

When the Greens are not pushing for more migration and the nonsense once brooded
in the "School of Frankfurt" , they are all about the CO²-swindle. Their new icon is
named Luisa Neubauer , the German version of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the fresh-
woman in U.S. congress, who predicts the world is going to end within twelve years,
if the CO² problem is not adressed ( meanwhile it has been disclosed who AOC's
handlers are ). Neubauer, just giving us 9 or perhaps 10 years, is a accomplize from
Swedish teen Greta Thunberg and together they are travelling around to indoctrinate
the kids. CO² is necessary for plants to grow and exists only in a tiny fraction in the
air, so has certainly nothing to do with a climate change. It would be nice to see ,
when Ms. Neubauer, a frequent flyer by the way, would stop to talk arrogantly from
her morale high grounds and instead illuminate the kids about geo-engineering and

German engineers have always been on the forefront, when it comes to developing
enviromentaly clean technologies. On the other side Greens have usually enjoyed
no useful education in nothing, are specialized in talking drivel and imposing bans.
When the limit of car engine emissions is not down to zero, there is still room to push

Not long after they were founded, Greens promoted pedophilia and also voted for
a warfare against the former Jugoslavia, so turned into olive Greens under that dis-
picible bloke Joschka Fischer. No doubt, when we want to know, why the western
civilisation has been converted in a complete nuthouse, the Greens have to be
blamed for their role in that process.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

2019 Grand National Handicap Chase In Aintree

On Saturday my juices get flowing again, when this hugely exiting race goes
underway.Defending the  title is an incredible feat only achieved once in the long
history of the race. Now Tiger Roll ( IRE ) tries it to make history and he seems
up to it since only 3 pounds higher from last year and his great form showed
last month, when he won the Cross Country Chase in Cheltenham in a canter.
His price however is too short and i look elsewhere for value.

My idea of the winner is RAMSES DE TEILLEE (FR). He stays longer, than
the mother in law and as a sound jumper has finnished all of his races to date.
That he is trained by David Pipe, who knows what it takes to win this race, is
another positive.

My bets are as follows ...

Ramses de Teillee (foto) to win @ 26 PU

Annibale Fly to win @ 13 *** 5th

and Tiger Roll as a stakes saver @ 4.50 *** WON

Thursday, March 28, 2019

My Favourite YouTube Channels

Here is  a compilation of my favourite YouTubers. Thanks to a crackdown on
political incorrect channels some of my favourite U.S.-American tubes were
deleted and with the newly established articles 11 and 13, the system tries to
keep undesired content from publication furthermore.

Der VOLKSLEHRER is a major bastion against the destruction of the German
culture. He easily outwits his leftist foes, who of course dub him with the N-
name and is absolutely fearless, when going into the lion's den. He never agitates
against Muslims or Jews, but knows, who the real enemies of the Germans are -
G E R M A N S in politics, media and justice system.

Der MYTHEN METZGER. As the name implies he deals with mythen and tries
to unravel them in a very skillful way.

Behind the MARKMOBIL is Mark Hegewald, who makes very interesting travel
reports with lots of important informations about countries we are not that
familiar with.

ZU TISCH IN ... or Dinner is served in ... shows, why the NWO and the EU are
communist devils work tring to destroy cultural diversities and thus should be

WOLFGANG BREHM and EMPEROR CALIGULA are two aging Germans comm-
enting daily news and are thinking about life in general with common sense
hard to find these days.

FRANK "STONER" ENGELMAYER speaks about several topics concerning history
or mythes for example - very interesting.

MARK DICE is an U.S.-YouTuber feasting on liberal baloney in a somewhat funny
way leftists are void of.

RUSSIANVIDS and A CALL FOR AN UPRISING are two channels trying to wake up
the sheeple by disclosing, what is going on behind the curtain and also debunk
lies we are told about for many years.

For those interested in the transgender rubbish MR. E is the go to guy with his new

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Dividing The People - A Trump Masterclass And Christchurch

Some two weeks ago POTUS Donald Trump called Apple boss Tim Cook Tim
Apple in front of a rolling camera and cheekily affirmed afterwards he said
Tim Cook Apple. Trump haters saw themselves confirmed he is a lying bastard
and Trump supporters were immediately falling over each other. CNN and
MSNBC who cater for the haters camp and FOX News fur the Trumpers had
plenty to talk about, for all three Trump is a cash cow and I assume those who
control them make sure he remains in office next year since the Democrats have
no such controversial figure in their rows except perhaps Pedo Joe.

In Christchurch,NZ, we recently saw a more elaborated example of dividing the
people with the alleged terrorist attack on two mosques. I saw the live video
with the shooter on the rampage before it was taken down and I can assure you
every nine year old ego-shooter finds his games more realistic than that low
definition garbage. The bloke went inside the mosque and there were already
bodies stacked up face down lying in the corner with no blood or holes in the
wall could be spotted and also any sort of panic or screams were amiss. He fired
a couple of rounds and left, then came back when one the victims in the hallway
all of a sudden was not barefoot any longer, but wore blue socks. As usual a drill
was conducted prior and also shady John Podesta of Pizzagate has been seen in NZ.

NZ-Premier Jacinda Ardern ( perhaps not a biological woman, but another trans -
gender ) reacted as expected by showing instant solidarity with the Muslims and
vowing to tighten up the already tough gun laws. Locals thought their country is
not only a safe haven for the super rich, but for themselves too. Many of them will
live from now on in fear, what is on of the main purposes of such a hoax or psy-op.

Here I compiled a couple of videos …

Jacinda Ahern (with interesting comments)

Shooting scene

Here bullet cases miraculously disappear (scroll down)

Friday, March 15, 2019

Baphomet And The Moon Bump

While in the U.S.A I recently witnessed a show named " World of Dance " where
a jury judged about dance performances. That jury consisted of three persons
shown in the picture above and I wonder, who is male or female - actually for the
schooled eye it is pretty easy to tell. The male sits in the middle and is called JLo
or Jennifer Lopez. The square lower jaw, broad shoulders combined with a strong
neck and piercing glance leaves no doubt "she" is a male-to-female or MTF. On the
other hand the "boys" sitting next to "her" have very soft faces and absolutely zero
masculinity. They seem to be dancers and surely were meant to be females.

So what is this transgender bollocks all about ? My take is, that this world is
ruled by freemasons, who are usually Satanists and worship a goat god named
Baphomet, who possesses characteristics of both, men and women and people like
these are the pinnacle of humankind in their opinion. That is, why in politics, sports
or showbiz transgendered people are ubiquitous and "normal" folks have a hard
time to become successful in certain genres.

For "women", who want to hide their swapped gender the moon bump was invented,
a belly made of silicon pretending a pregnancy. Famous user for instance are Serena
Williams, Meghan Markle or former German party leader Frauke Petry. I am pretty
convinced they are all mental nutcases.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Cheltenham Festival 2019

Blimey, we have March already and you know, what that means - four days of
exciting jumps racing. Usually we encounter good ground at this time of the year
, though not this term after plenty of recent rainfall turned the turf softish and we
can throw the formbook out of the window.

Highlight will be the Gold Cup, where PRESENTING PERCY (foto) and CLAN DES
OBEAUX (FR) are going head to head. With the reigning champ Native River also
in the mix we are in for a thriller. Percy stems from a rather small and unfashioned
stable and does not accept defeat as an option, while Clan is a rising star trained
by Ditcheat handler Paul Nicholls. I can't split these two and back them both at 4.50.
*** Both unplaced

Furthermore I bet an double with BUVEUR D'AIR (FR) in the Champions Hurdle and
TIGER ROLL (IRE) in the Cross Country Chase @ 6 *** Lost

And finally I rate TOPOFTHEGAME (IRE) with a decent chance to win the RSA Chase
@ 4.50 ***WON

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson ...

... is a radio talkshow host and somewhat flamboyant personality. He calls him-
self an Oreo-Cookie, meaning is is black on the outside, yet white on the inside.
His goal is to unite the races by telling the truth and he also founded an organi-
sation named BOND ( Brotherhood Organisation of a New Destiny ) trying to
rebuild the family by rebuilding the man, who in many cases turned into a
whimp through female education.

Interestingly he tells, that the black community once did really well until the Jim
Crow segregation laws were introduced dividing blacks and whites. These
circumstances deterioated even further with the Civil Rights movement and race
hustlers like Martin Luther King and Louis Farrakhan. From then on blacks re-
ceived free stuff within the Affirmative Action program without merits leaving
many of them lazy and uninspired. Peterson even calls the Black Lives Matter
movement, sponsored by George Soros of course, more dangerous than the KKK,
but that is not the only controversial statement he made.

Peterson considers POTUS D. Trump the "Great White Hope ", calling members
of the Democrat party "Children of the lie" and is good friends with Israel. While
i understand, why someone supports Trump, he is a little too overentusiastically
concerning him. Personally i have nothing to do with Israel, rather support the
views from Brother Nathanael Kapner against Zionism, and also oppose the
2nd Ammendment giving the right of bearing firearms, although again i under-
stand the purposes behind it.

So clearly he is a white conservative inside, though on the other side explains how
he got rid of anger some 30 years ago, when he turned to god and the bible and
that shows. Why most political discussions are conducted very agressive nowadays
he stays calm and that is why i like to listen to him and sometimes participate in
his live chat, where he explains there are no -isms, but only the eternal struggle
between good and evil. Everything what happens today is meant to divide the people
and once all different races reach out to shake hands with each other it is game over
for the puppet masters.

His radio show on YouTube

His books on Amazon 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Wind Wheels - The Next Health Hazard

In 2020 the last nuclear power plants get off the grid followed by the coal-fired power
plants in 2038 in the Federal Republic in Germany. They are replaced by wind wheels
and solar power panels and it is hardly possible they will generate enough power
necessary to keep an industrial nation functioning, so we see the Morgenthau - plan in
full swing to turn Germany into an agrar nation thanks to Chancellora Merkel and her
masters with their energy transition plot.

Meanwhile there are nearly 30000 wind facilities scattered over the country spoiling
untouched nature in places and providing views doing no good for peoples soul.
They are already known for shreddering loads of birds and after latest findings also
can cause serious health issues to human beings living close by through infrasonic,
who is not audible for humans due to its low hertz range. Infrasonic is generated when
the wing of the wheel passes the shaft and is powerful enough to kill bats on the spot
flying close by and to penetrate through thick walls. So many folks dwelling near those
wheels suffer from headaches and insomnia and escaping to the basement of their
houses, which lost huge amounts of value, to find some sleep.

To me these wind wheels are more evidence, the government is on a warfare against the
people, who not only have to pay exorbitant high prices for energy, but also have to live
under agonizing circumstances in many cases.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Nukes ? What Nukes ?

I recently took a closer look at the alleged nuclear bombing of the Japanes cities Hiro
-shima and Nagasaki and came to the conclusion both cities became victims of a
carpet bombing campaign with napalm similar to the attacks of Tokyo and Dresden
with no nukes involved.

What i understand is, that it is technically not possible to ignite a huge explosion by
a chain reaction through splitted atoms, hence we are dealing with another hoax.
This statement is enhanced by the facts, that no abnormal radiation in both cities
could be detected, nor higher cancer rates and already a couple of days after the raid
plants were growing again.

So what is it all about ? Of course it has to do with fear mongering, since afraid people
are most easily to steer.Furthermore money laundering  and extorting tax dollars from
a non-existent program could be a reason. The Russians must be part of the scam and
we are told there are enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world many times over,
when there is no evidence of a single nuclear rocket. They presented a Soviet colonel,
who kept his cool, when something that looked like a US nuclear rocket appeared on
his screen what turned out to be a false alarm and had he pushed a button for a counter-
attack, we all would be toast - all rubbish imho.

Videos of interest ...

Galen Winsor eats uranium

There are no nukes

66 minutes against a satanic world

Lookout Mountain Filmstudios

Friday, February 8, 2019

Peru Impressions

Uchpa - Peruvian Rock Band singing in Quechua

Amanda Portales, the Queen of Huayno

Last weekend i ventured out to some lesser known Inca sites as Ancahuasi.Though less
spectacular than those world reknowned ones, the stonework is mighty impressive too.
Besides that the tranquility of the countryside and the friendliness of the folks living a
simple and modest life keep amazing me.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Ominous Red MAGA Cap

In the USA it needs little getting our leftist "friends" ballistic nowadays. Only wear that
base cap reading "Make America Great Again" and the heat is on. The latest example
happened recently  in Washington at the Lincoln Memorial, where a group of school
boys gathered together wearing that cap. A Native American then approached them
and started to bang a drum right into one´s face. The teenager stood his ground doing
nothing except smiling at him and exactly that smirk made him a target for lefties
interpreting that smile as arrogance from a white supremacist not showing respect for
an elderly Native American and literally verbally wanted to stone him, a sixteen year
old school boy,who seemed to be well educated and knows right from wrong -amazing.
So that this little incident provoked a nationwide fury shows, what a powder keg the
country meanwhile is.

POTUS Trump could put the whole Deep State behind bars, stop child trafficking and
the influx from illegals, stop the Federal Reserve Bank from enslaving the people and
provide good economic numbers to no avail. He is an old white man and has the "toxic"
masculinity about him, which is inexcusable to many from the left political spectrum,
who are fighting teeth and nails trying to get rid and replace him with a female nut -
case as for example Alexandria Ocasio Cortez,the drag queen and "Girl from the Bronx"
not being from the Bronx. She has not the required age yet to run for president, but
hey,they faked already Obamas birth certificate.AOC looks to me the perfect schooled
media creature, who only is able  to express memorized statements and folds imme-
diately after a simple counter question, though appeals to the leftist crowd, perhaps
perceiving her as the new hope for the Democratic party.

I think an illuminati once remarked "When the people want a new idol, we provide it
to them " and there she is out of the blue. Who knows, maybe she becomes president
some day and what we here until now from her will waste no time to turn the country
into a socialist dystopia, penniless and thus not able to conduct any wars overseas
any longer and forced to withdraw troops from all parts of the world with a civil war
another option. Outside of the USA hardly anybody is interested in an great and im-
perial America, so while i under reserve support Trumps politics in some ways, i
wouldn´t mind a wrecked USA too much under leftist leadership.

A hissy fit caused by the MAGA cap

An interesting video by John Mark

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

How To Manipulate A Video In The Case Frank Magnitz

On January, 7th,  Frank Magnitz of the right-wing party AfD in Bremen was severley
beaten by three thugs and only just escaped death. I don´t want to elaborate on that
party, which in my opinion is merely another system party, though what i think is
interesting is the video the police of Bremen released three days later.A closer inspec-
tion reveals that it is rather blurred,so what is the point of having surveillance
cameras when hardly anything can be seen. Furthermore it contains a jump in the
lapse of time and most important the time stamp in the down left corner is blurred as
well, what is usually not possible. The message is clear : Feel free to attack someone
with a undesired political view, we keep our feet quiet.

So there can be little doubt, the video has been manipulated probably to protect the
culprits from prosecution, since there faces can´t be identified with the main inten-
tion to intimidate others to stay away from a  political  incorrect party going from
strenght to strenght. YouTuber Kai-Uwe Ziessnitz demonstrates in a video, how it
is possible to add or wipe out a weapon from someones hand, scary stuff (link below).

Bottom line is, the police in Bremen committed an obstruction of justice and play
their part of turning the nation in an injust fascist hellhole. I hope i will never get
in a situation, where i will have to deal with those bas***ds.

Ziessnitz video

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The MGTOW - Movement ...

... stands for men going their own ways, meaning they don´t want to put up with wo-
men bitchin´around  about toilet seats not hinged down or beers being drunk. A dude
,who certainly does not adhere to that concept is Amazon-empresario Jeff Bezos. As
things stand he has to dish out half of his fortune to his ex-wife and is already en-
gaged with the next woman, whispering with the $-sign in her eyes in his ears ...
"Oh Jeffrey honey, you are just such a sweet and good looking guy." Seems the other
half of his fortune is at stake, but that is none of my business.

I once traveled extensively through the USA and encountered plenty of highly attrac-
tive ladies, all natural self-conscious women without tattoos and silicone.But that was
sure enough before feminism and slutwalks were introduced and since then another
type of women coins my impression of them, usually to be found among liberals.
Women rather ugly, full of hatred, agressive and equipped with an IQ below room
temperature as for instance that cross dresser Ocasio-Cortez, Warren, Tlaib or that
"Wicked witch of the West" as Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson refers to her, Maxine Waters.
Women with the appeal of a raging bulldog and i wouldn´t want to touch them with a
barge pole.

And then it seems transgender women are ubiquitous now. Many times i see great
great looking women only to find out later on, they are male-to-females. So when
dating a woman nowadays it seems mandatory to check for a Adam´s apple, fingers
or a ding a ling between the legs. When that is cleared you have to ask her to sign a
sheet of paper, that any sexual intercourse happens on consent to avoid accusations
of rape afterwards. All too much for this writer ...

For those, who belief women are always victims to men i recommend watching the
movie " The Red Pill " by Cassie Jaye about the men´s rights movement. There one
husband narrates, that a cop told him, that when his spouse attacks him and breaks
a fingernail, he will get busted. To me getting involved in a War of the Roses with a
female especially when kids are involved is one of the worst nightmares imaginable.

So am i a forlorn hope concerning women ? No, certainly not and from time to time i
enjoy their companionship. However i am a single for the most time of my life and it
stays that way until further notice, though i truly appreciate watching couples, when
it is obvious they get along nicely and conduct a great partnership.

I am out of here ...