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Thursday, July 18, 2019

"There Is No Business Like Shoah-Business ?!"

Last month the androgen CDU-chairwoman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer was
invited to the Bilderberger meeting (as was U. von der Leyen), but instead flew
to Israel to make her kowtow there and among others she met President Reuven
Rivlin (can you spot the German flag on this image?) It would be wishful
thinking to assume, she said something like "Look Reuven, us Germans will not
longer dance to the Jewish tune and in the future i do what is in the Germans
best interest" leaving behing a flabbergasted president. AKK is just another
fine example of a spineless German politician and after her briefing she boasted
back in Germany "Every adolescent has to visit a Holocaust monument." As a
reward she was promoted to the secretary of defence job, while von der Leyen
although not being nominated at the last EU-elections was lifted to be the
successor of J.C. Juncker as EU-Comission president - amazing .

So AKK wants to make shure the German guilt complex keeps on running accom-
panied by hefty payments to Israel and the education of new recruits for the
Antifa and similar Anti-Germans. But has the Holocaust or Shoah really happened ?
Doubting him at least here in Germany means walking on thin ice, however for
instance in U.S.American commentary forums as i frequently en-
counter the notion "holohoax" and so what is the deal now ?

Here are a couple of things to think about. Check them and be outraged either way ...

The official version says 6 million Jews were killed in Auschwitz. That would lead to
the following calculation shown here.
This is an interesting German page. Unfortunately YouTube deleted all the videos,
wonder why.
This page claims, Auschwitz was a labour camp and not a death camp, equipped with
dentist, swimming pool, theatre and even a brothel for the inmates.
Here are 21 interesting facts about the hc.
In a previous post i recommended , what Gerard Menuhin, Fred Leuchter and former
YouTuber, now Bitchuter JohnRobinson101 have to say and it is mighty illuminating.

Many people around the world are waiting for the Germans to get off their knees and
what happens here in the FRiG ? They throw 90 year old Ursula Haverbeck and others
for years behind bars for voicing their as hate speech branded opinion about him,
while rolling out a red carpet for folks like George Soros and Henry Kissinger. But nah,
thinking of a plan worked out would be too far fetched ...

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Fear - The Demon Inside

Another book i just read was named "Make your bed" and was written by former
SEAL and Admiral William H. McRaven. I cannot recall exactly, why i bought
the book, since it mostly contains platitudes put on paper by someone suffering
from an inferiority complex, who needed something to prove to himself and never
reflected on his or the army's deeds overseas.

However i found one of his anecdotes pretty impressive, when he narrated that
while during SEAL training he had to perform a midnight swim in shark infested
waters outside San Diego. He was told not to show any fear, otherwise the Great
White shark will smell it, circle and eventually maim him, so to stay alive it is
mandatory to remain cool as a cucumber.

I suppose many people look back at a life of missed opportunities and fear has to
be blamed for that. They meet the love of their life and only have a splitsecond to
take action, but decide to remain silent out of fear to stutter or searching for words,
thus having lifelong regrets. Others never leave their comfort zone with the endless
routine, although traveling around the world is something everyone should have
experienced - too dangerous, too expensive, too this and that ...

I remember having played my 5-string banjo on stage in front of a pretty large crowd.
I was so nervous, my right thumb was trembling like crazy and how was i supposed
to play five hundred notes per minute in the right order with a shaking thumb ?
Somehow i got through some hot solos and drew a round of applause, but had not a
great time up there. So would i expose myself again to a similar situation, risking
of looking like a complete fool or German striker Frank Mill? Of course, everyone
performing in public accepts that risk, just wanting to entertain and after all a stage
can be the best place anywhere, when everything falls in place.

In Holland i once was sitting in a bar, when the local bully took aim at me, asking for
a fight. I gave him an earful and he tucked his tail between his legs and retreated.
Dudes like him thrive on fear and can't deal with counterwind.

Another example is an insurance company wanting to extort plenty of money. I refused
to pay and obviously struck a note, when they wilted quickly being used to obedience.
Now next week i will post something, what could have the consequence that my blog
will be shut down. So should i start to pussyfoot around and not write it ? Certainly not
and this blog is here to spread, what i consider the truth. Fear is not appropriate in
that matter. I do not consider myself a most courageous guy,but many times the lesson
was, that being fearless pays off.

McRavens famous speech

Thursday, July 4, 2019

German Derby 2019 In Hamburg

Next Sunday i continue my quest to find a winner in this race. The winner from
the last two years have two things in common. Both were sired by Soldier Hollow
and trained by Markus Klug. I will follow this route and will back the only con-
tender fitting the bill and that is DSCHINGIS FIRST. He is currently available at
odds around ten and certainly worth a punt with modest stakes.

*** Dschingis ran a bit below par and finnished six. The winner Laccario is a
       seriously good colt and is already entered for the Arc de Triomphe to take
       on the wonder filly Enable. I will back him, if participating ...

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Bashing Germany - The Safe Way To Secure Your Blog Or YT-Channel

You might know, that many blogs and YouTube-channels already have been
shut down or are on the brink of it for their attitude towards conservatism thus
stemming the tide against the left/green agenda trying to install culture marxism.
I stay away from the left-right argy-bargy, but try to be all about common sense,
though none the less this blog contains plenty of criticism against the Federal
Republic in Germany. So if this blog was terminated, it probably has to do with
my stance involving Judaism provided i have ten million more readers.

Take for instance the recent murder of CDU-politician Walter Lübcke near the
town of Kassel. Lübcke got already verbally under fire for mocking locals
being concerned about the migrant wave. His alleged killer was quickly identi-
fied, because of a dander. Yep, not through images of a surveillance camera, but
a single dander. And that dander belonged miracously to a right winger known
to police for many years and conveniently he confessed already. Now of course
i do not believe a bloody word of that plot other than politicians and the main
stream media, who wasted no time jumping on the bandwagon to point at folks
from the conservative politically spectrum. How the dander got on the victim or
that Lübcke was feuding with the Kassel-mafia was not worth investigating. I
am convinced, the secret service has a register with plenty of scapegoats and
their fitting biografy and depending on the hoax or false flag planned, they pull
out Anis Amri in Berlin or in this case Stefan E.

Here in the FRiG many people quote the Basic Constitutional Law, telling us that
chancellora "Shakin'" Angela Merkel offended against that article or the other one,
even people considered legal experts. But what, if that law is invalid not only
because the scratched Article 23 (area of application), but because the FRiG is a
registered enterprise and thus we are dealing with the trade law and Merkel as the
manager, who is free to open the gates for migrants as long her masters concur. In
such a system, which does not acknowledges human beings, but useful and diligent
idiots working for the upper one percent, the ground for lies and deceptions has been
laid out and we see it daily in politics, media and justice.

In that sense i have comprehension for those demanding to bring down our state
simulation , being leftist yahoos or so called "Reichsbürger". Although personally
i am doing well,i don't take it lightly to live in a society, where the values honor,
truth, courage and justice and hardly measurably anymore, so the reinstatement
of the German Empire as a sovereign state independent from Brussels and the
shadow governments might be the sole way to go as a medium for the above
mentioned values.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Write It Behind Your Ears - There Is No Atom Bomb Existent

Meanwhile i finnished reading Akio Nakatani's book " Exploding The Nuclear
Weapons Hoax " and it is a gem. In great detail he turns every stone and explains
the following ...

- Why huge explosions through fission and chain reactions are physically impos-

- How Hiroshima was annihilated through incendiary bombs.

- Why Japan gladly played along in the psy-op.

- Why a beach holiday on the Bikini-Atoll can be contemplated.

The nuclear research program was started under the name "Manhattan Project "
and had their labs located in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The most prominent
participants comprised Robert Oppenheimer, Leo Szilard and Edward Teller.
They all belonged to the chosen tribe and readers of this blog know my strained
relationship with them. The former two went to U.S. Pres. Roosevelt and con -
vinced him from the necessity to build a nuclear bomb. FDR concurred and did
dish out every amount of money they asked for. Eventually 2 billion US$, which
roughly equals 26 billions in todays equivalent, were eased from the taxpayers
pockets, who in return got a 100 ton TNT explosion in the desert, two steel jumbos
and plenty of footage documenting the charade, in which Albert Einstein also
played a major part with his e = mc² humbug. Afterwards he declared, he does not
want to be involved any longer with the project because of its monstrous danger
for humankind and thus handed in some credibility.

I assume back then the idea was  born, how easy it would be to extort a beaucoup
of money using the nuclear hoax, well hidden inside a blown up defense budget.
The UdSSR/ Russia or those who control them jumped on the bandwageon and ad-
opted the same concept, that shall keep humans in constant fear from armageddon,
so they are all in cahoots with each other and without a doubt the cold war is nothing
but theater for the masses.

Continuation now is going on with the bickering between USrael and Iran, who are
threatening to resume their nuclear weapons  program. Those in the know like my-
self can only react with a weary facepalm about all that bs ...

Another voice of reason

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Project Blue Beam / Holograms

World reknowned Circus Roncalli just came to town and in times when it is po-
litically incorrect to use performing animals, that circus replaced them with
holograms. Obviously not with those you find on a credit card or drivers licence,
but sophisticated images projected in the space through lasers. These images have
two-dimensional surfaces, though seem to be three-dimensional and are absolute
precise with the ability to change their color and form.

Project Blue Beam works similar in this vein and i have heard it for the first time
in context with 9/11. It was suggested , that no planes at all flew into the towers,
but projections were used. Video footage show people on the ground were not
aware of the planes until the explosion, although these planes make a hell lot of
noise so i would not discard the option. We must remember, military technology
is always ten years ahead of available civil technology and we do not know what
else these madmen have up their sleeves to fool and control the people.

So wilder speculations suppose Blue Beams will be used as a tool for the overture
of the New World Order or to simulate an alien invasion for which also chemtrails
will be needed. Nothing seems to be too far fetched these days ...

Stunning video of a whale hologram 

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Crimea Calling

In about two months i intend traveling to the Crimea and i am looking forward
to it. The Ukrainians were stupid enough to sell out to the U.S.A and not only
lost their gold but that marvellous penninsula as well since it belongs to Russia
now, a country i have great sympathy for after my last trip two years ago and it
will be a great change leaving the whacky western society for mentally sane

I plan to meet folks from the before mentioned journey and together we want to
attend the famous "Night Wolves"- bike show near Sewastopol. Besides that
the Crimea is full of interesting historic sites and beautiful landscapes, so well
worth a visit methinks.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

EU-Election 2019 Analysis

The election determined, which party receives how many seats in the EU-parlia-
ment. Since that parliament is pretty powerless i would rather consider the
meaning of it to check the political attitude of the people within the EU. While
meanwhile many folks try to take back their nation out of Brussels claws, us
Germans remain firmly on a suicidal path with the Green Party doubling their
percentage of ballots casted. Even if granted that German elections are manipu-
lated left, right and center, that does not serve as a full explanation. Perhaps the
Greta Thunberg CO²-swindle hype or the recent frenzy about a YT bloke named
Renzo have its share, though i prefer to believe, that the old saying " Democracy
is the dictatorship of the stupid " comes into play here. We must not forget, the
Greens are all about wars, prohibition, higher taxes, pedophilia, migrant resettle-
ment and environmental nonsense with their leader and talkshow darling Robert
Habeck, who fortunately wasn't invited to this years Bilderberger meeting in
Monteaux, though i feel the puppet masters try to make him the next chancellor.

Personally i would abolish all parties right away just to prevent, that complete
jackasses are handed the most important positions in the country. Parties were
established to divide societies and prevent unification, so consequently i did not
cast a ballot, but went to the polling station to take a picture of the ballot box,
which in my hometown Hamburg is ... drum roll please ... a garbage can (foto).

I rest my case ...

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Oliver Flesch, the SA and the Truth

Oliver Flesch runs a YouTube-channel, is a self proclaimed patriot, coke head,
sex maniac and current Mallorca resident. During a recent Berlin visit he came
up with the plot while visiting the Antifa lions den in the Rigaer Street a bunch
of Antifa members laid in ambush for him. He barely made it into a house,but his
chasers unfortunately kicked in two doors and around ten blokes gave him some
stick, so he says. I could pick many holes in that story unmask her as plain lie,
but my intention for this post is something different.

Shortly afterwards commentators from the so called "Free Media" and alternative
right voiced their opinion, that the Antifa applied Nazi and SA (SA = Sturmabtei-
lung = assault division ) methods to punch someone with an undesired political
opinion. Generally the SA is viewed as gang of primitive, brutal thugs, admittedly
by myself too until yesterday, when i saw an interesting video by Rustag Netzwerk,
the guy behind that channel is excellent and knows his stuff. He explains by showing
various documents, that the SA was founded as counterpart to communist bullies,
which makes sense since communists always had a knack for violence. So instead of
shouting "The Antifa behaves like the SA " the term like "communists back in the
day " would be more appropriate".

It is amazing, the further back the Nationalsocialists era lies, the more crazy the
people in this country get about them and hardly a single day passes by without
a Nazi-comparison. In this respect that beforementioned video (see below) does
a great job to set this part of history straight and perhaps it is a stepstone to un-
cover the greatest lie of them all.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Skip The ESC, Get On The Tiger

Next Saturday once again the European Song Contest takes place in Israel. As
usual i scanned the leading market contenders for a betting opportunity, though
came up blank. Fav is an androgyne Dutch crooner, whose caterwauling didn't
enter my ears fluidly, but rather tiresome. From then on things went from bad to
worse to unbearable and after ten contenders i quit. In general the music in this
contest seems to be of minor interest and the hullabaloo surrounding it of more
importance as proven by the Australian contribution, so i decided to spend my
money more wisely ... - on golf.

Tiger Woods arrived back on the scene with a bang by winning the Masters in
Augusta a couple of days ago and being in flying form i expect him to follow
up at the PGA Championships starting already tomorrow in Farmingdale, NY.

Tiger to win @ 13 *** Flopped

Thursday, May 9, 2019

EDEKA And The Degredation Of The White Man

Perhaps you have heard of the infamous Gillette - commercial depicting men more
or less as horny, burping, farting and grunting Neandertals. Their response came
promptly and Gillette sales dropped sharply since , what happens when you insult
your sole clientele - i of course do not touch their products either.

Now German supermarket giant EDEKA came up with a similar disgusting spot in-
cubated by their agency Jung von Matt. This 78 second opus shows a father perfor-
ming something like an rub up on his daughter, being too clumsy to handle a blender,
hurting his daughter while combing her hair, surprising his son during a wank job,
trying in vain to have a conversation with the daughter, falling asleep instead of
reading something for the toddler, throwing a basketball in his daughters face, being
ugly, not able to feed his child and eating like a pig. To top it off a girls voice says
from the off "Thanks mom, that you are not daddy" - oh dear, oh dear.

So what to make of it. We must remember a functioning family is the strongest bastion
against communism, which shall be established by the power elites worldwide by ab-
olishing borders and mixing cultures and races under one bankers government.
This is called the New World Order and not only the mainstream media, most adverti-
sing agencies are full of left/green wimps promoting that development by trying to
drive a wedge between the father and his family. When succeesful the mother need to
hand over her child to a kindergarten, where loads of indoctrination are awaiting her.

No doubt for a good and healthy development, a child needs a father. He not only
teaches kids how to ride a bicycle and attends football games or fun parks with them,
but (hopefully) personifies a certain manliness, kids should become acquainted with
instead of just a rather one-dimensional female education, which could easily confuse
a youngsters mind over time.

EDEKA must have known, that such a vicious spot brings plenty of bad publicity, thus
the loss of many customers like myself - they published him regardless. One can
suppose, they did it, because they are full in line with an agenda of the German gov't
, who (nothing is unthinkable in this country) will reimburse them. A government with
members from whom nobody is a parent, but a transgender (yes, Ursula von der Leyen
too) not giving a bloody wit about the peoples wellbeing and thus pushing now for wide
spread vaccinatons containing aluminium, mercury or cells from a aborted foetus.

I don't know, where this in many ways sick society will end up, but i still can decide
where to shop and so i scratched EDEKA .

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Me, The Racist And Antisemite

I am an aficionado of music as long i can think, though i always turned a deaf ear
on for instance rap and techno - guess that makes me a music hater.

I always liked animals, though in my youth i stepped on a sea urchin, what was
a painful experience and i had no sympathy for sea urchins since - guess that will
put me in the drawer of animal haters.

On my travels i always got along nicely with locals, though somehow never deve-
loped any interest for India, believing me and Indians won't click - guess that is a
deeply racist behaviour.

There is a plethora of reasons to dislike Khazar Jews.  Not all, not all, not all, but
most carry greed in their DNA instead of empathy and insatiable hunger for money
and power. With their Talmud and Protocols of the Elders of Zion they follow
guidelines asking to call gentiles as cattle, demanding to pull them over the table
and lie to them. I see no reason to comment friendly about them, which is made
easier since i do not believe the official stories of WW II, Hitler and the Hc. This
attitude is part of my personal liberty no matter how many organisations name me
with the nonsense word "Antisemite", which was especially designed to silence
folks like myself.

I suppose you get my point. In the hysterical discussion about racism, people tend
to generalize. If villagers meanwhile have a short fuse, because they have been over-
run by strangers with a completely different culture and insult them, they are imme-
diately dubbed as racists without having any comprehension for their situation.
Under certain given circumstances each and every human being will become a racist
, it is a law of nature, so mellow out everyone.

The bottom line is, the terms "Racist" and "Antisemite" are not swearwords.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Notre Dame - Strange Things And Happenings

After the Christchurch - hoax, NZ's tranny Premiere Ardern ordered a gun grab and
stronger social-media surveillance, while some Muslim leaders called for vengeance.
Wether the Easter suicide attacks in Sri Lanka correlate to that incident is uncertain,
mindblowing however how western politicians avoid using the term "Christians", who
were targeted in these attacks.

Burning churches are a regular occurence in France, kept under the rug by the main-
stream media. On April, 15 though every miserable MSM scribe around hammered
an article in his keyboard because of the blaze of an religious epitome - the 850 years
old cathredal "Notre Dame".

Accusations were quickly made, pointing fingers at renovation workers from the com-
pany "Le Bras Freres". Their boss Julien, only 32 years of age and not the usual
building tycoon in appearance, made it clear, that his guys only erected a scaffold
so far and didn't use any torch light or the likes and when they do only with utmost
cautiousness. It is nearly impossible to set very old oak on fire by accident and so
everything hints to arson perhaps with thermite, but why ?

No Muslim scapegoat was presented and hundreds of millions were donated in a jiffy
to reconstruct the cathedral, thus a terror act against Christianity can be excluded.
Leaves only at this point a (satanic) ritual and i guess certain circles do not flinch to
burn down a church for their spooky entertainment and then make young Julien the
culprit, who does not seem to be involved in masonic societies.

And now get this. While Notre Dame was on fire, none other than Michelle "Mike"
Obama floated by on a cruise ship on the river "Seine", sipping a glass of wine. No
doubt, where the Obamas,Clintons or Podestas show up something bad is going to
happen, since in my view they are all sons of Satan.

Lets be clear, the Catholic church is filthy rich and mighty powerful. Cathredrals as
Notre Dame are monuments expressing that power to the outside world. I stated
before that religions were established to divide the people and especially the Catholic
church is a swamp of malpractice, robbery and pedophelia. Two German parties carry
the " C" in their abbrevation for Christianity and they are the worst hypocrites around
caring only about money, power and the economy the people have to serve for instead
of the Ten Commandments.

In that sense i would not be bothered, if they tear down the remains and turn the
place into a parking lot.

Trying to ignite a beam

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Easter Weekend Sports

Already on Friday the Allweather Sprint Championschips take place in Lingfield
with KACHY as hot favorite. Trainer Tom Dascombe is very bullish about the
chances of his speedball and he is virtually impossible to oppose. His odds are
still too low, though should they drift out to around even money i will get on
with maximum stakes.*** WON

Football four-timer in the "Both to score" market ...

Prem. League        Newcastle - Southampton
Germ. 2 League    Kiel - Paderborn
           3 League    Jena - Wehen
Spain  La Liga      Vallecano - Huesca     @ 6.78 *** LOST

Thursday, April 11, 2019

When Members Of The Green Party Opens Their Mouth ...

... you should reach for your earplugs since their babble is a bit too much to stand.
Even chairman Robert Habeck acknowledges this, when he recently closed his
Twitter account to protect himself from his guff. He also lately raised my eyebrows
by stating, that German schools eductate kids to matured citizens, when in reality
they only produce clueless obedient systemites. Habeck has a co-chairwoman with
the name Annalena Baerbock, who accused every German of generating 9 gigatons
of CO²  - say what ? Her comrade Özdemir confuses gigabyte with gigawatts, while
Anton Hofreiter regularly makes himself a complete fool with his hissy fits inside
the parliament.

When the Greens are not pushing for more migration and the nonsense once brooded
in the "School of Frankfurt" , they are all about the CO²-swindle. Their new icon is
named Luisa Neubauer , the German version of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the fresh-
woman in U.S. congress, who predicts the world is going to end within twelve years,
if the CO² problem is not adressed ( meanwhile it has been disclosed who AOC's
handlers are ). Neubauer, just giving us 9 or perhaps 10 years, is a accomplize from
Swedish teen Greta Thunberg and together they are travelling around to indoctrinate
the kids. CO² is necessary for plants to grow and exists only in a tiny fraction in the
air, so has certainly nothing to do with a climate change. It would be nice to see ,
when Ms. Neubauer, a frequent flyer by the way, would stop to talk arrogantly from
her morale high grounds and instead illuminate the kids about geo-engineering and

German engineers have always been on the forefront, when it comes to developing
enviromentaly clean technologies. On the other side Greens have usually enjoyed
no useful education in nothing, are specialized in talking drivel and imposing bans.
When the limit of car engine emissions is not down to zero, there is still room to push

Not long after they were founded, Greens promoted pedophilia and also voted for
a warfare against the former Jugoslavia, so turned into olive Greens under that dis-
picible bloke Joschka Fischer. No doubt, when we want to know, why the western
civilisation has been converted in a complete nuthouse, the Greens have to be
blamed for their role in that process.