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Monday, May 21, 2018

Harry And Meghan - Freaks In Love

A rather unappetizing topic, though a good example in what a phony world we
are living in and something the glossy magazines are not reporting about. So
now Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are married. He is 33 years old and
readers of this blog know that 33 is the highest degree in the Scottish free mas-
onry rite, what Harry permanently underlines by sporting masonic symbolism.
"She" is 36 years old what resembles 3x6=666 , the number of the beast and the
anti-christ. Also when you topple her initials to the right you receive 33 too, so
plenty of fishy stuff right there.

Some You Tubers specialize in finding out, whether a prominent person has
changed her gender and with them they got plenty to work on. Meghan reminds
me of a Thai ladyboy, it is obvious "she" is not a biological female and plays a
role, albeit despite being an actress not very good with a exaggerated shiny happy-
ness. But it surprises Harry shall be a female to male transgender and allegedly
a shapeshifter, when his eyes and tongue suddenly for a split second display a
reptile like form - all very strange.

The Windsors are a creepy bunch worshipping Lucifer and certainly bizarre rituals
are going on behind closed doors. Even Prince Charles once talked about incest 
and it is no wonder they have a knack for transgenderisms with Princess Kate the
next example. People are trying to ridicule me by pointing out to her kids. I guess
in these circles it is easy to arrange that, just ask Michelle Obama or someone here
believes "she" received her kids from her gay satanic hunk ? Anyway Kate went
into the hospital in the morning, had the reception and a couple of hours later
presented herself with the offspring in front of the cameras wearing a dress, which
looked pretty much the same Mia Farrow wore in the movie "Rosemaries Baby" !

I can imagine Princess Diana and then Kate went through a living hell already and
read Meghan had been warned to jump into the snake pit. She did not listen ...

Videos to think about, if desired




Thursday, May 17, 2018

For Guitar Buffs Only

When i bought that guitar a couple of years ago i had to rid it from plenty of out-
side rust and crust. Now a few journeys later i decided to do a more profound
overhaul, so i replaced the potis, the wiring, some metal parts and also applied
an inside anti-corrosion coat. Guess she is ready to conquer the world once again.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Free Ursula !!!

Yesterday Ursula Haverbeck was taken into custody by the police Gestapo- style.
Ms. Haverbeck has made her own research over what happened in Auschwitz and
came to a different conclusion to what we are told about, thus colliding with § 130
penal code, hate speech. It seems that paragraph will only be applied, when the inter-
ests of a certain tribe is touched. If for instance public television broadcasts mean
propaganda towards Russia, Iran or Venezuela no one of our law enforcer gives a
bloody whit. I could run with a bullhorn through the streets demanding the death
of the German people and would probably receive a leftist award instead of jail time.

Now Ms. Haverbeck is a 89-year old lady yet tough as nails. She will stand her
ground against a jurisdiction void of honour and decency, knuckled down by
jewish organisations as the Auschwitz Committee. You probably heard the old
adage "The truth can stand alone, the lie needs government support ..." and the
other one " If you want to know, who rules you, just ask whom you may not crit-
izice .." fits also perfectly in this context.

For those who want to support her on site, you could travel to the German town of
Bielefeld May 10th. More information here
I wish her the best of luck getting through this ordeal.


Der Volkslehrer                 

Another victim for speaking out ...

David Irving                     

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Weekend Sports

The first classic races of the season will take place the coming weekend at head -
quarters with the 2000 Guineas and 1000 Guineas Stakes for the girls the day
after. I had high hopes for a jolly with the terrible name US Navy Flag at huge
odds though unfortunately he was withdrawn from the boys race, so i concentrate
on the latter one . Here i like the look of SOLILOQUY, trained by Charlie Apple-
by. She won the Nell Gwyn Stakes last month, what usually bodes well for this
contest underlining her current good form. I received very acceptable odds @ 7
and will have also a tickle on ANNA NERIUM @ 13.*** UP

_Football Treble

UK Prem.       Manchester City (Hc -2) to beat Huddersfield  ***0:0
       Champ.    Cardif (Hc -1) to beat Reading                         ***0:0
Fr.   Ligue 1    Ol. Lyon (Hc -2) to beat Troyes                       ***3:0  @ 6.8  LOST

Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Echo, Auschwitz And The Truth

Poking with a stick in an anthill causes less turmoil inside, than making a Nazi-
comparison here in the Federal Republic in Germany. Two rappers with the
names Kollegah and Farid Bang now took it to the next level by making an
Auschwitz - comparison in some of their lines sending some folks hyperventi-
lating with that calculated provocation. And when they on top received an award
( thought rappers are cool, not participating at that hogwash, though obviously not
the case ) called "The Echo" the beforementioned were ultimately driven over the
edge. Goody-goody  Marius M. Westernhagen was outraged and announced he
will return his formerly won awards and of course goody-goody in chief and punk
sell-out Campino of "The Toten Hosen" raised the moral index finger. Geez, he
looks run down, sickness or lifestyle ?  Dunno.

Since we are lied upon nearly everything i did a little research on Auschwitz and
made a few remarkable discoveries. For example the swimming pool inside the
camp inmates could use. The piles of dead corpses we were shown are more
likely German prisoners of war, who were starved by G.I s at the Rheinwiesenlager.
Plaster was scratched off the alleged gas chamber, but no residue of Cyclon B could
be found. It was used, but only for delousing. Also the hatches at the ceilings were
probably built in afterwards as well as the ovens. Impossible to burn thousands of
human corpses in a short period of time with that small number of ovens.

When talking about Jews it is definitely neccessary to destinguish between Sephardic
and the Ashkenazi Jews. While the former are mostly well-liked and don't mind any
co-existence, the latter make no secret of their ambitions to rule the world and how
they perceive non-jews by calling them cattle (goyim) and vermin.

" Remember my children, that all the earth must belong to us Jews and that the
  Gentiles, being mere excrements of animals, must possess nothing.

  - Amschel Mayer Rothschild -

" I hardly exaggerate. Jewish life consists of two elements : extracting money and pro-
   testing ..."

  - Nathum Goldmann -

" The whole creation of non-Jews consists only for the sake of the Jews."

  - Rabbi Menachim Schneesohn -

So why are so many non-Jews are rushing to defend Jews, if critizised by using the
extra created a-word is beyond me. But wait a minute, it has probably to do with the
guilt complex we are reminded at every single day. When i see these scumbags here
occupying important positions i have no reason to believe Germans were not able to
commit atrocities back in the years from 1914 - 45. However this is only half of the
story with the other half kept well hidden, though ready to make it out to the general
public shortly, whether the moneylenders like it or not.

_Books      "1939 The War, Who Had Many Fathers"  / Gerd Schulze- Rhonhof

                  "Illuminati" / Henry Markow

                  "Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil" / Gerard Menuhin
                  Quotes above taken from that book

_Videos     Canine behaving Germans

                  David Cole visits Auschwitz

                 Cremation technology vs the holoclaus

                The whole truth about the great lie by Conrebbi

Thursday, April 19, 2018

"Merkel Must Leave" - Demonstration ... A Report

Last week i attended the "Merkel Must Leave"- demonstration here in Hamburg. Some
might say, why bother, even when Merkel is gone, the system remains and someone
else becomes the U.S. puppet, thus nothing changes. True, though there is also a
glimmer of hope, that her successor acknowledges, that the public has woken up and
does not accept that nonsense any longer, why she sees herself forced to change act-
ions. Besides i like to complain that Germans have little sense of solidarity and when
this event had been organized i felt compelled to join in and so i went ...

The protagonists were as follows ...

_The Police

Upon arrival i saw policemen all over the shop. I thought, a small squad would suffice
to keep the left mob at bay, but there were plenty more,who eventually encircled the
uprights and observed them closely. That gave me a stern reminder, in what nation we
live. As i wrote countless times the Federal Republic in Germany is not a state, but a
administrative construction by the usurpers. Hence a policeman is NOT a civil servant,
but a mercenary serving those, who pay him, directly i should add, and these are the
big wigs like Merkel. Thats why us uprights are natural opponents to them and in case
of an overdue uprising they will fight against us, just take a look at their weaponry.

_The Antifa

They arrived late at the scene, having worked overtime somewhere (no, not really)
and instantly started to go berserk by yelling and screaming. There is no doubt in
my mind these blokes have been bred along as a tool to establish the New World
Order by combating everyone with an undesired opinion. They are arrogant, full of
hatred, agressive and absolutely clueless. Some females already fit the new role
model being lesbian and having a colorful short hair cut. The tragedy with them is,
that once the NWO has been established they will turn from useful idiots to useless
eaters and will become swiftly victims of the eugenic program.

_The Uprights

You see, to get people on the streets in this country, you rather should organize a gay
and lesbian parade. When some perverts crawling half naked with a leash through the
streets tens of thousands want to see it, but when the future of the nation is at stake,
only a few seem to care, although many certainly stayed away, because of previous
leftist violence and because sinnister objects were filming trying to disclose identities
and defame participants. I would estimate there were perhaps five really unpleasant
types among them you don't want necessarily appear on the same foto with, all others
regular people. They are fed up living in a 4th world banana republic, where truth,
honor, courage and justice are not existent any longer, as it seems, where politicians,
msm and justice are lying, deceiving and manipulating day-in,day-out. Any clear
thinking person would consider that normal, not here where he is dubbed "Right

_Serge Menga

As a guest speaker,Serge, an migrant from Congo, was invited. He is an natural at that
and conducted another fabulous speech, which brought him some YouTube-fame.
Nonetheless i felt he was pussyfootin' around some topics, something the "Volkslehrer"
would not do, who was there a week earlier , though unfortunately got no permission
to raise his voice. After an hour it was all over and the uprights were escorted by
the police to a special train and driven away. The future will show, if this event is the
start to something bigger or was frittered away time.


Serge Menga

Der Volkslehrer


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Grand National 2018 In Aintree

Two weeks ago the Irish equivalent took place and among 30 runners my three
selections finnished first, second and fourth at double figure odds. So i made a
killing though what sounds like a remarkable feat only required ten minutes of
stats inspection. The race is run over a grueling distance only a few horses can cope
with and add to that the bottomless ground the number of lively contenders is red-
uced even further.

I applied the same method to this race which will not be run on the usual good
spring turf, but will be on the softish side. I picked three jollies, who meet my
requirements and also have workable handicap marks as well as two top jocks on
board and a very talented girl making her race debut, i guess.

They are ...            Vieux Lion Rouge (FR) @ 29  (foto)

                              Raz De Maree (FR) @ 29

                              Milansbar (IRE) @ 29

I put them in singles, reverse forecasts and tricasts. I must admit, while most sporting
events after many years of watching them bore the heck out of me, this race still gets
my pulse going since it is hugely exciting. For five years now there are no fatalities
thanks to the obstacles not that demanding any more and classier animals. Lets hope
it stays that way and everyone involved makes it healthy back home.

*** The race turned out to be the expected war on attrition with only 12 of 38 runners
       crossing the line. My selections didn't find another gear at the business end,
       though ran gallantly in defeat finnishing 5th, 8th and 9th.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Gibson Guitars In Trouble ?

In my times as a musician i owned three Gibson instruments. A semi-accustic
ES-335 built in 1963, which was a fabulous instrument, sound and feelwise way
superior to its equivalents nowadays. An Explorer, whose body was slightly
damaged and covered with a rather ugly varnish, therefore was a snip. And a RB-3
banjo which i bought in Clyde Franklin's Bluegrass Center in Asheville, NC and
which i carried across the nation as well as the mountains in Colorado, where
it encountered stark differences in temperatures causing the varnish to crack very
much to my dismay. This should not happen to a pricey instrument, though
otherwise i never heard of any quality issues.

What caused now the rumors lingering about the company ? Four reasons spring
to mind, which are ... guitar sales in general are down, compensate Gibson
ventured out to other business fields, they are rather clueless about and burnt
plenty of money, ... their instruments are too expensive and customers are not
willing to dish out big bucks for the name, while other brands offer similar quality
instruments for a lot less and finally their new designs are hands down horrible
not attracting anybody.

Whatever the reasons are, it would be somewhat upsetting, if this icon of US-
American instrument manufacturing would go out of business.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Facebook And The Stasi

My activities on Facebook are very limited with only a sole friend. He now pointed out
to me how to figure out, who visited the own site. I checked it out right away and
typed in the name "Mohammed" as well as the Arabic sign for shariah. To my surprise
a whole bunch of profiles showed up, but it does not end there. Next i tried the name
"Kahane" and succeeded once again. Anetta Kahane of course is a former associate of
the defunct East-German secret service and was registered under the name IM Vic-
toria.With her wicked character she fit the bill for former German justice minister
Heiko Maas, who hired her for his combat against "hate speech" or more precisely 
against his battle against unwelcomed political incorrect free speech. So what brought
me the honour having her on my site ? The only explanation is, that i wrote a comm-
ent on the "Merkel Must Leave"- manifestation initiator´s page, what got me in the 
firing line as well as everybody else, who commented too - Stasi 2.0 snoopery right 
there, unbelievable ...

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Another False Flag Attack Tomorrow ?

Tomorrow is the 22 of March, a notorious date on which various times false flag have
happened in the past, the last time in London. These attacks could be linked to the
Skull & Bones secret society, who have chosen the 322 as their holy number for an un-
known reason, which tranlates to March, the 22. Their most important members in-
clude George W. Bush and John Kerry, psychopaths whose egos demand to show the
public in a subtle way, who pulls the strings in the background and the targeted clash
of civilisations between Christians and Muslims another possible motive, since usually
Muslims are held responsible for the alleged attacks.

It is interesting, that just yesterday a terror drill took place in the German city of
Frankfurt, so perhaps a false flag will be conducted there. If so, please do not jump
on the bandwagon right away and accuse Muslims. Most western attacks have little
to do with the Islam, but a lot with secret services. I have absolutely no points of con-
tact with Muslims, but avoiding any prejudgement against them is the imperative of
fairplay and the scrutiny of certain three letter organisations is more advised.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Food Banks in the FRiG

In a country not short with scandals, this one has to be considered the most appalling.
According to the webpage there are 1.5 million people in need in the allegedly
so rich country, who are dependant of the free food supply donated mostly by super-
markets, bakeries and various other sources. This food obviously is priced into the
groceries, which could be sold to the still well-funded shoppers, who in that way
support those in need and thus accept the states sole responsability to take care of
them and this is the actual scandal. The "state" could easily raise the social benefits
to avoid the derogatory scenes, since over time the money would flow back in his
satchel through taxes, but is just not doing it, so many folks have to stand in line to
receive their alms- it´s a shame.

And now matters got worth with the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants. They
receive all-inclusive benefits, though many send their money back home, thus harming
the local economy by withdrawing funds no longer usable by locals and at the same
time trying to get their food from food banks, where they compete with the poorest
Germans. Can you imagine the scenes, when a young muscular migrant wrestles away
the last wilted cauliflower from granny Lisbeth, who has to go home empty handed ?
Exactly these scenes are wanted by the government, who are at war against their own
people, no doubt about it. The boss from the food bank in the city of Essen now pulled
the brakes and does not allow more new migrants until further notice obviously
sending leftist do-gooders hyperventilating drooling something about racism, so the
decision made was lifted for the end of the month, wether giving in to the pressure or
not is not known.

And guess what, those, who are responsible for the desaster were just confirmed for 
four more years in office making this writer face palming on a further occasion.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

2018 Cheltenham Festival

Next Tuesdy starts the Cheltenham Festival with four days of mouth-watering jumps
racing. This time i keep thing simple with a treble containing super stars, who should
have no problems to win their races bar any accident. Their odds are accordingly low,
but there we go ...

Champion Hurdle            Buveur D´Air ***WON
Mares Hurdle                 Apple´s Jade *** 3rd
Ballymore Nov. Hurdle     Samcro ***WON                      @ odds around 4 ***LOST

For the Gold Cup i like the looks of the Nicky Henderson trained MIGHT BITE @ 4
*** 2nd

Ernst Köwing, The Honeyman †

Already on Feb. 24 the prominent blogger "Ernie" Köwing passed away under deroga-
tory circumstances in a prison. The Merkel-Regime showed no mercy and arrested him
even at his high age and degrading health condition only to silence him by applying the
 § 130 "hatespeech"-paragraph. With his intrepid style he encouraged many people to
start their own blogs and through them his spirit will live on in times getting darker,
when every voice is needed to stand up for the values "truth, honour, justice and cou-
rage ". To put it straight, in this country, the Federal Republik in Germany, free speech
is under heavy fire and needs to be defended.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Germany - Impressions From A Left / Green Madhouse

A picture from a previous post shows myself with a Peruvian woman wearing her tra-
ditional dress with pride of her cultural heritage. A German woman doing the same is
dubbed by other Germans with the N-word and so are women staying away from the
labour world to take care full time of their children.

-Berlin-  Women concerned about their security conducted a march through Berlin to
protest against the uncontrolled wave of migrants, from whom many pose a major
threat. They didn´t make it very far, because the leftist Antifa blocked many roads,
what is against the law, though police looked on and let it happen. The march also
came through the quarter of Kreuzberg, where Monika Herrmann is the mayor. She is
a member of the Green Party and of course lesbian. In a brilliant Interview Dr. Klaus
Maurer (link below) mentioned , how she turns a still family friendly Kreuzberg in
a no-go area littered with dealer, junkies and migrants. According to many statements
it won´t take long until Berlin must be considered one of the worst shitholes in the
Western hemisphere.

-Dresden- Last Saturday a group of people gathered together to commemorate the
300000+ people, who died in an act of barbarism during a bombardment of the allies
of Dresden in Feb. 1945. The group was surrounded not only by the ubiquitous Anti-
fa, but was also harrassed by the police. Nonetheless the always good humored "Volks-
lehrer" conducted a fabulous speech expressing positive patriotism frowned upon by
authorities. Dresden also sports an piece of architecture of monstrous ugliness and one
has to ask oneself, who gives permission and funds to make it happen . What is the
name of the architect ? Libeskind ? Ok, got you, no further explanations necessary.
That man is also responsible for this and also this and can only run riot in a nation
completely submissive to the chosen tribe.

-Hamburg- Here the "Merkel Has To Go"- movement gains more and more momentum.
As usual the organizers and every participant have to deal with the black dressed
hordes  with very little support from the police, who encircled them. Despite all
this the great determination not to withdraw a single inch to rescue the country is
notice- and remarkable.

-München- The maker of this video revealed that mayor Dieter Reiter is deeply con-
nected with leftist networks and sponsors their meeting point "Kafe Marat", which in
return is observed by the intelligence service. In München it is also common practice
to threat pubs with the revokation of their licence, if they host the right party AfD.

-Burgwedel/Pinneberg- In Burgwedel two Syrian families just moved into a brand new
500000 Euro twin home, while in Pinneberg we were introduced to Ahmad, who is a
happy cookie living in a nice home with his two wifes and six kids with the seventh
underway. I definitely feel all this is done to provoke an uprising perhaps even a civil
 war of  the local population against migrants. Most certainly footage of that spreads
around the world, cause a suction effect and will lure more migrants into Germany.

So what to make of all of this. In this video Ursula Haverbeck,a 87 year old lady sitting
behind bars for denying the holocaust speaks out,how the Federal Republic in Germany
is firmly in the grip of foreign evil forces settling their bucket list step by step to exe-
cute plans laid out by Hooton, Nizer and Kaufman.

1. German territory shall be divided in fractions  Häkchen
2. All of German education shall be destroyed.    Häkchen
3. Destruction of the German National-socialism  Häkchen
4. Drastic reduction of the German birth rate      Häkchen

5. Influx of millions of migrants with the target to breed Germans away   pending !

It´s upon upstanding Germans to resist the development and a good starting point are
canine politicians, the unscrupulous mainstream media and the justice. Although my
patriotic feelings for the FRiG are very limited i will join in once the possibility arises.

Ursula Haverbeck

Dr. Klaus Maurer

Der linksextreme Staat