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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Agenda 2030

The other day, a TV-set was running in my presence, when all of a sudden a face
showed up, that only a mother could love, belonging to German chancellora A.
Merkel. With the remote control out of reach i had to listen to her, when she ex-
plained emotionless her mission - the implementation of the Agenda 2030.

The agenda is a project by the United Nations (UN), the organisation using the
Flat Earth map in their logo. The agenda consists of seventeen points sounding
reasonable at first glance with the word "sustained" frequently used, but after
closer inspection the message is clear. It is the blueprint for the planned intro-
duction of worldwide communism under a one world government. published a brilliant article by Michael Snyder, who decoded
the whole scam, it is an eye opening read making it very clear, that Merkel does
not give a bloody whit about Germany and "those, who live longer here", but
is a puppet of the NWO-elite.

I took a look at who is financing the UN and found out the USA provides a big
portion of the funds and as we know, those who pay for the music determine
what will be played at least, if they were not under Jewish control. So in my
humble opinion, when American and Jewish governments, secret services and
bankers would be serious, they could make the world a better place quasi over
night, but of course they are not. The former strive for the Pax Americana de-
manding economic, military and cultural hegemony, while the Jews want to
realize the Yinon-Plan making peace in the Middle-East impossible.

The Agenda 2030 is nothing but smoke screen and mirrors and a tool with the
sole purpose to install the NWO.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

United Airlines Aircraft Violence

During an incident on an United Airlines aircraft a man was violently dragged out of
the plane. The Airline explained, that they overbooked the seats expecting not every-
body to show up. Though when exactly that happened United staff tried with vouchers
to convince passengers to take another flight and when that attempt failed too, they
applied violent measures.

To me in a nutshell it describes perfectly to what the "Western Community Of Values"
has come down to. At first they overbook seats to maximise profits. When this does
not function, they try to sort out trouble with bloody vouchers for the cattle on the
cheap seats and when that still doesn't work out, force and violence are applied to
remind people to whose rules they have to play. Some say, it is all staged and com-
plete garbage, but even if so, it doesn't change a bit of the above written.

Others might argue "Come on, this is the USA, a country infested with greed and
violence, won't happen anywhere else." Wrong. For example Germany is one of
very few countries with the obligation to send kids to school. The children shall
learn, what they are allowed to know, not what they should know. When parents
decide they want to school their kid at home and not hand it over to grimy left-
green teachers, a police squad of until forty man could show up at their threshold
to take away that kid from her parents. Same with the manadatory fees for the
public television, when special forces raided homes from people, who refused to
pay for state propaganda. So you see, brute force and ignorance are not a sole
US-American specialty, their vasalls are capable too ...

Friday, April 7, 2017

8.4.Grand National 2017 In Aintree

This is a race i had i used to have decent success with, but drew blanks in recent
years. To get back on the winning track i have put every one of the fourty runners
through rigorous scrutiny and various filters. My three against the field are as follows

SAPHIR DU RHEU ( FR, foto) is my idea of the winner @ 17 ***UR

Next best is DEFINITLY RED @ 11 ***PU

and finally PLEASANT COMPANY ( IRE ) @ 15 ***UP

The race is not the slog it used to be with the somewhat eased obstacles, but still
very demanding. Let's hope all jockeys and horses make it home safe and sound.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Germanwings Flight 9525 Crash Revised

I planned a write-up about the staged event in London they tried to sell us as a Muslim
terror attack, when in reality it was just another lousy hoax with all the well known
ingredients as a prior conducted drill, silly behaving crisis actors or miracously
switched off surveillance cameras and shoes flying around. And when did it happen?
March,22 or 322 ? No shit, on that very same day last year a hoax was conducted in
Brussels and also 322 is the holy number of the Skull & Bones secret society So again
white men wearing neckties orchestrated the charade using a Muslim patsy. Nothing
new under the sun there and i am sick and tired of it.

I find it more interesting, what happens in Germany, where the father of Andreas
Lubitz, who is accused of mass murder in the Germanwings incident hired an
aviation expert to compile an expertise of what really happened and sure enough
he found plenty of inconsistencies. I watched the whole video with the stunning
press conference, though that video seems to have disappeared since.

The French prosecution just figured out in 48 hours, that A. Lubitz flew the aircraft
purposely against the mountain and is a mass murderer. German prosecutor Kumpa
as well as the mainstream media happily jumped on board without having a single
piece of evidence and for me without the shadow of a doubt they try to cover up a
bloody pigsty with perhaps Lufthansa boss Spohr behaving the worst of all by back-
stabbing his former employee. But you already know, only unscrupulous pigs make
it to the top in the Federal Republic in Germany.

When you look at the crashing site you see a load of scattered shredded metal, but
for example no engines, but therefore a tire, who to some doesn't belong to an
Airbus. Nobody in his right mind will assume, that the plane hit the mountain here,
but rather was brought down by a French Mirage fighter jet, who was seen before
in the area. Also nobody mentioned an emergency signal released before the alleged
crash. Obviously we are dealing here with a wasps nest, we need to stab in to find
the truth. Anyway, i wish G. Lubitz the very best to get through it with the needed
strength and health. There are not very many Germans trying to fight the injustices
in there country.

Friday, March 24, 2017

El Niño Hits Peru

Due to unusual warm pacific waters El Niño dumped unprecedented masses of rain
on parts of Peru with devastating consequences. So far in its wake 84 people perished
with 209 injured, countless lost homes and enormous damage to the infrastructure.
Peruvian Pres. Kuczynski, being from the chosen tribe and a former IMF associate
under suspicion to work mainly for the capital, immediately declared to release
720 million Euros as swift aid. The government sends out messages promising to do
their level best to improve the situation. Meanwhile the international help is over-
whelming and here in Cusco music festivals take place with the possibility to chip in
and make donations in kind.

The coastal strip of Peru rarely gets any rain and is mostly barren area without trees
to hold back rainwater. Furthermore a rural exodus is going on with plenty of folks
building their shacks in dried out riverbeds or steep hills out of necessity and that
is why the desastre was waiting to happen with mudwaves washing everything away.

In May 2016 the German state of Baden-Würtemberg as well had to deal with massive
floods. Although one of the richest states in Germany Ministerpres. Kretschmann from
the Green Party, who perceives himself as a Christian said we don´t live in imperators
times any more and he would not be able to hand out financial help, consindering the
people as enemy not worthy of support. On the other hand German folks are the most
good-natured folks anywhere donating huge amounts of money to mitigate cata -
strophes happening worldwide. They even fall over each other to donate for illegal
migrants trying to assault and oust them. Call it stupidity or implanted guilt complex,
the jury is out, though of course it is always a good idea to help those in need.

I am coming to Peru for many years now and developed a deep sympathy for the
country and its people. I wish them well and a speedy recovery, carajo !

Friday, March 17, 2017

Europe And The Globalists

The beauty about Europe is, that it is a small continent with a huge cultural and
culinary variety. Within a couple of hours drive, it is possible to delve into a
complete different scenery and that makes Europe  interesting and fascinating
throughout. YouTube has a channel named "wokomoCOOK", who presents a
series named " Zu Tisch ... "(links below), what translates into "To be guest at ..."
and to me it is just marvellous to watch regular folks doing their traditional work
and preparing their traditional meals.

All this is under fire now, since some geezers equipped with enormous power and
wealth decided, Europe needed a makeover with the abolishment of borders and
the migration of millions of mostly useless young men from Africa and the Middle
East, whose task is to mate with local women thus creating a new dark skinned
population,less intelligent and easy to control under the tradename New World Order.

You would think, there have been psychopaths always around trying to impose their
plans on others, however it is impossible to find enough treasonous, opportunistic
people to realize them - well, you never stop learning. In Germany there are battal-
ions of that breed headed by NWO-floozie Merkel and her lickspittles being afraid
of having a deviating opinion, thus harming their miserable professional careers.
In the mainstream media you find this bloke, Kai Gniffke, who as the boss of the
German Tv´s ARD news section, is responsable for spreading propaganda and mani-
pulations through his presenters day after day and the list goes ahead over the 
justice, the police until bus drivers transporting illegals into the country.

Meanwhile a huge asylum industrie has been established and big profits are made
by shady people demanding a higher influx from migrants thus raising there gains
and giving a bloody whit about their homeland. It is that alarming low level of soli-
darity common within the German population, why the downfall of the Federal-
Republic of Germany seems to be unavoidable - we will know more after the next
general elections in autumn, whether the Germans are stupid enough to put their fate
for further four years in Merkel´s hands or perhaps even worse in those from SPD
bugger Schulz given the elections are not rigged.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Cheltenham Festival 2017

Next Tuesday starts the biggest show on turf with four days of mouthwatering jumps
racing. As usual i scanned through stats, listened to trainers, jockeys, pundits and
also let my modest personal expertise flow in trying to make my bets successful,
which are as follows. It is better to have a short-odds winner, than a long odds
loser or so they say, so i have put the hottest favs in a treble ...

ALTIOR (foto) to win the Arkle / DOUVAN to win the Champion Chase and
UKNOWWHATIMEANHARRY to win the Stayers Hurdle  @ 3.5

All three are top-class performers and bar a jumping error should make short work
with the opposition.

At higher odds i like the looks of DIAMOND KING (IRE) @ 6 to win the Brown
Plate and STARCHITECT to win the Grand Annual @ 9

Finally i assembled a yankee with runners from Gigginstown House Stud, an oper-
ation owned by Ryanair-CEO Michael O´Leary, whose runners usually win their
fair share of races during the festival.
A GENIE IN ABOTTLE  - National Hunt Chase @ 5.50 / ALPHA DES OBEAUX
to win the RSA @ 7 / TOMBSTONE to win the Coral Cup @ 5.50 and PETIT
MOUCHOIR to win the Champion Hurdle @ 6.5

Win or lose, i can´t wait until the action unfolds.

Friday, March 3, 2017

The Oscars 2017

To me Hollywood represents the rotten morality of the western community of values
being a hotbed of sins with its pedophiles, satanists and zionists. During the ceremony
the Illuminati let hand over sculptures to their puppets, which used to be impressive
actors and actrizes a few decades ago,but nowadays look like ordinary people strutting
their stuff on the red carpet surrounded by fotographers, who seems to have entered
a contest, who behaves as the biggest jerk.

And now even a documentary about the "White Helmets" received an Oscar, although
it is common knowledge, that this organisation is sponsored by the CIA, operated only
on terrorist teritory in Aleppo and staged many of their rescue actions. Pretty much
the same from German television,where the worst liars and deceivers receive awards,
as if their critics shall be mocked. So the Oscars are not only a society event, where
the glitterati celebrates themselves, but also has a political component, made evident
when some buffoons were trying to please their masters by bashing Pres. D. Trump.
That an award was given to a wrong movie can only be perceived as a marginalia.

All in all the Oscars, Hollywood and their products should be avoided like the plague.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Bungle In The Jungle

Once again i ventured out into the Peruvian jungle, who most certainly does not
belong to my preferred habitats with the intense heat, humity and a plethora of
dangers. Poking a tarantula with a stick in a her cave is a rather harmless teaser,
but encountering a half-finnised bamboo meal from wild pigs will quicken
anyones pulse, because these creatures go berserk and mow everything down in
their path, if they have any offspring with them. In that case it is advised to climb
up a liane as soon as possible. Furthermore i have seen footprints from a jaguar
and had to balance a couple of times over a treetrunk to cross a river with the
possible kaiman lurking underneath. Also not underestimated should be the peril
of the mosquito transmitted flesh eating virus called uta. Don´t want to sound to
dramatic here, however the jungle is not for the fainthearted.

On the other hand the green hell can be perceived as a pharmacy with a kowled-
leable guide. For stomach problems he would cut a certain tree with his machete
and a milky liquid drips out, which will serve as a cure. When the kidney is sick,
he would make a tea out of red tree roots. Even for a flagging libido there is a tree
to help out and countless other remedies. So despite his downfalls the jungle with
his flora and fauna is a fascinating place, who should be explored with the neces-
sary precautions taken.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Nazis vs Inzis

Through a link mentioned in a comment on a political webpage i have encountered the
blog from Susanne Kablitz, who unfortunately committed suicide shortly after her last
remarkable post, which should be mandatory reading for every German. From that
post i want to quote the following exerpt ...

" National Socialists are out. International Socialists are en vogue. This can be seen
  with the resigned U.S.-Pres. Obama. International socialists are allowed to kill 
  people are allowed to conduct wars, are allowed to break laws. Nationals not. "

Generally National Socialists, aka Nazis, are perceived as right extremists, when in
reality they  per definition  belong to the left political spectrum. The term "Nazi" is
obviouly tarnished and is pretty much the nastiest four-letter word someone can be
called, though without the past no nationally minded Socialist would have a problem
with that notion. On the other hand you have International Socialists as Obama or
NWO-floozie Merkel, who don´t give a bloody whit about their people, but are
striving for worldwide communism with the installment of a one world government.
Especially Obama is responsible for countless innocent dead people, but nonetheless
many folks in the West regret his resignation and fiercly oppose new Pres. Donald
Trump, the national white old man. Chemtrails, GMO food or just signs of a dumbed
down society, i don´t know.

Susanne Kablitz seemed to be a noteworthy woman, who wrote a couple of books i
will take a closer look into. For her the Federal Republic in Germany is hopelessly
lost and if i see the farce during the election of the new Federal President Steinmeier
i can see her point. The question is, does the German population grant A. Merkel
her triumph having destroyed the nation or will they intervene in time. I don´t want
to bother a self fullfilling prophecy, but knowing the German mentality it doesn´t
look good indeed.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Lefties - Please Hand Them Over A Hanky

I guess at some stage most of us sympathized with leftist ideas, though that had to do
with the struggle for equity between labour and capital. These days are long gone now
and the left rather engages as accomplices for globalists and even accept payments
from Mr. Evil himself, George Soros. Just drop the words "nation" or "border" and they
will snap, envisioning the New World Order with dark skinned, less intelligent people
without identites and cultural roots, easy to control and willing to work for little
money. Mainstream media and perhaps even worse the educational staff are infested 
with that sort trying to terrorize the society with gender mainstreaming, the LGBT-
agenda and premature sexualisation, targeting to destroy the traditional family and
leave behind confused youngsters without orientation.

And then instead of their darling Hillary Clinton, a hardcore criminal psychopath, Mr.
Donald Trump became the next U.S-President and the left snowflakes keep whining
in their pillows. Trump took immediate action with his orders to build a wall at the
Mexican border and to protect the U.S economy. Now it is important to know, that in
the USA the same agenda is underway as in Europe with a planned genocide on the
white population due to a uncontrolled influx of foreigners. Furthermore the USA were
systematicly deindustrialized leaving to nearly 50 million folks living on foodstamps.
As a responsible leader Trump wants to stop the decline and isn´t far off the mark by
affirming, some women are drawn to men with power and money, isn´t he ? Anyway,
all this is too much for the desciples of NWO-floozies Clinton and Obama, freaking out
as recently in Oakland. I would love to send them all over to Pakistan, were they en-
counter bearded men with little sympathy for spoiled brats, squat toilets, no alcohol
and the ever present noisy Muezzin only to find out, when these self-perceived do 
gooders come up with racial slurs.

Now of course i have my reservations towards Trump too and against white people in
general, who are responsible for the most wicked plans plotted. To some, one plan
says to hand over power to conservative governments in the following years and then 
let the system crash, with the nationalists singled out as the culprits and the way
afterwards free for pursuing the NWO-agenda - we will see.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Berlin-"Attack" Revisited

For tomorrow a minute´s silence in commemoration of the supposed victims of
the Berlin attack has been organized. Now i wrote before, that every Anatolian
goatherd would immediately know, that that event has written "hoax" all over it,
but not some German sheeple, who complained about chancellora Merkel´s lack
of compassion and so six weeks after the charade the hour of the hypocrites has
come - if you hear somebody banging his forehead on the keyboard, that´s me.

When you take a look at this foto and believe, what they told us, you believe
everything. It simply defies laws of physics, that a ca. 14 meter long truck can
manouvre like that with high speed and leave the ramshackle shacks at the en-
trance mostly unscathed and then take the curve without veering. The yellow
chalk marks shall reinforce the scam, but only make him more ridiculous.

Furthermore the Breitscheid-Platz is densely surrounded by bollards, however
not one of them is damaged, nor is the lower front part of the truck. Conclusion
is, the truck was parked there in reverse with debris planted around him. Here
is the video from the dash cam. If it is not complete CGI-fakery with people
running in front of a green screen, it clearly can be seen, that the truck drives by
the Chrismas market and never turned right. And finally here is crisis actor extra-
ordinaire Guiseppe LaGrassa, who rather looked like he got in a bar brawl, than
ran over by a truck - nothing but a load of nonsense.

Shame and disdain to all people involved in that charade. You helped taking my
esteem for the FRiG and its population to another low.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Hot Of The Destille

No rest for the wicked and so i had the destille already in action making some 
of the good stuff . This time i used passion fruit or maracuja, gin essences and also
assorted eucalyptus leafs, which i picked an hours ride outside Cusco in a mostly
untouched nature.

While having those leafs i also tried to extract some oil out of them. Albeit the
success was only modest with a couple of drops to rub under the nose - interest-
ing nonetheless.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Barry Soetoro´s Last Stance

Given nothing gets in between, today is the final day in office by the the man presen-
ted to the public under the name Barack Hussein Obama. While many of his predeces-
sors were distinguished personalities, Obama certainly does´not belong in that
category, in fact he is as phony as it gets.

Someone once figured out , that through the bloodline Obama is a distant relative to
George W. Bush and Richard Cheney, thus making him the President of the United
States,the power would remain within the "family". Furthermore through his dark skin
and his lanky and juvenile appearance many would perceive him as the new Messias
after those dreadful Bush years, however a few obstacles needed to be cleared. There
were always rumours lingering, that Obama was not born in the U.S., thus his presid-
ency had been illegal and these rumours were confirmed now by proving the fakery
of his birth certificate. Also he had the reputation of a cocaine consumer with a low
level working attitude and i get the sneaky suspicion his biografy was embellished
for example through his enrollment at Columbia University, where hardly nobody
ever saw him, to  give his qualifications for being a president more credibility. That
he married a "woman" he sometimes calls by her right name Michael, thus disclosing
his sexual preference by blunder and with the addition of two girls and a doggie to 
exhibit the role model family knowing this would appeal to the traditional voter, com-
pletely fits the picture.

More importantly though, he led more wars than Bush, gave orders to kill thousands of
mostly innocent people through drones and didn´t close Gitmo as promised. Also part
of his legacy are a steep raise of national debt and Obamacare, a health insurance,
whose premiums skyrocketed in return for a meager service, thus it seems it is only a
tool to pull money out of the peoples pockets.

The bottom line is, Obama must be seen as a complete failure and nothing but a
stooge of the elites, who want a warfare against Russia and that is, why Obama 
recently gave marching orders for thousands of tanks and other military equipment,
which is currently rolling eastwards towards the Russian border. Of course it would
be foolish to have high expectations in a politician, but with Donald Trump things can
only get better.