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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Outlook For 2017

I guess and hope, i am generally perceived as an nice guy, though i have my opinions
which might appear to some as controversial, calling me riiiight or even the a-word.
Far from it , i consider myself an ambassador of common sense, fair-play and the
"live and let live" attitude. Others prefer to be greedy, fascistic,self-centered or hands
 down insane and since that group of folks occupies powerful positions, we live on
a madhouse, called the flat earth. This blog will continue to criticize them as long as
they let me, hoping to contribute just a little bit to improve the human cooperation.

We shall not forget, besides Merkel and Obama, the most dangerous terrorists are
whites wearing neckties and use Muslims as their scapegoats as we recently saw in
Berlin. My hope is, that Trump brings some change in U.S foreign politics, albeit his
 proximity to the Kosher Nostra is of some concern. And then there is Merkel, who
was pushed forward to run for a fourth term in the general elections next autumn.
If i don't want to lose the rest of faith in my fellow countrymen, the election has to
end with a crushing defeat of her.

Personally i am doing good and looking forward to plenty of traveling ahead, trying
not to get bothered too much by all that surrounding bullocks. As usual thank you
very much for tuning in and an outstanding 2017. You can't keep good men down
and eventually we will gain the upper hand over the globalists.

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