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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back on my stomping ground

Lake Titicaca

The journey confirmed my strong belief, that for me as a beerdrinker and non-familyman traveling independetly through countries like those is one of the best things i can do in my life. Added great memories and met some genuine nice folks along the way.
Bolivia - I like it. Friendly, inexpensive and save, unless you drive on the world´s most dangerous road from La Paz to Coroico. Different climate zones, a great variety of flora and fauna and lots of historical sites make it an interesting coutry to explore. Social unrest happens occasionally though with the beloved road block.
Paraguay - When i arrived in Asuncion i found "Hamburger Schmuddelwedder" with rain and low temperatures. I decided to move on to Brasil asap. However, on my way back the sun was scorching hot and the 28 hour bus ride through the Gran Chaco was not pleasant. Asuncion is quite a charming city with it´s collonial buildings, good beer too.
Brasil - Aaaah... Brasil: Samba, sun, Bossa, beer, fiesta, football - you get the picture. Well, i had some of the above, but it is probably necessary to travel deeper into the country to find the real Brasil.

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