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Thursday, April 5, 2012

In times, when The Netherlands become baseball ...

... world champions it is obvious, that things are not, what they used to be. But what you still can count on are incomprehensible laws and rulings made by the German government on taxpayers expense. Talking about so called child care subsidy. In short every child in Germany up to three years was granted a kindergarten spot by law. But there are not enough  for everyone , so the government decided to pay their parents some money ( "oven premium" ) for forfeiting their rights. In other words  parents receive money for keeping their kids away fom the kindergarten and attend them at home, something you would expect every good father or mother to do. The price tag for that nonsense lies at 1.9 billion Euros annually and coinicidentally that law comes into effect in January 2013, a few months before general elections. Living in a democracy are they trying to buy votes ? If i vote at all i do so with my feet.

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