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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Devided States Of America

With three weeks to go until the next presidential elections the situation is as usual. Twenty states are staunchly held by Democrats, twenty by Republicans and the rest is up for grabs. Pres. Obama began his term with plenty of advance praise, even received a Nobel Peace Prize only to dispatch 30000 further troops to Afghanistan after that. Under his regime many innocent people were killed by armchair soldiers maneuvered drones and Guantanamo  is still not closed. Granted the Congress blocked some of his proposals and he earned some merits with the health system, but i think it's fair to say he is a bitter disappointment for many people. Trying to boot him out of The White House is Mitt Romney. Mitt is a filthy rich "This is my house, this is my boat, this is my car ! "kind of guy, the typical big grinning American snitch, who specializes in the verbal faux pas. I already can envision myself him conducting talks with Irans Ahmadinejad or North Corean leader Kim Jong-Un - Good Lord ! But does it really matter, whether they vote for Barack, Mitt or this hairy fella ? Not really. With the establishment of Super PACs ( Political Action Committee ) fat cats are now allowed to pitch in big money supporting indirectly their favoured party and thus trying to make their will count. Some call this charade a democracy - i call it a lobbycracy.

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