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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Hotel "España"and Annuschka

In Lima i have been a longtime guest in the above mentioned hotel, but when they rose prices for the fourth consecutive year of around 15 % i about had it and moved to the hotel "Europa", just down the road,where i recorded the video. This place is lesser known to tourists, charges half the price as the "Espana" and represents a lot better value.
Annuschka is my dentist in Cusco. While dentists in Germany sniff at me, because i am not privately insured, she gave my teeth a wonderful TLC treatment for such a modest price, that i was left gobsmacked. It is always a genuine pleasure dealing with people not driven by greed . My days in Peru for this year are over now and what's my conclusion ? I must say i once more had a really good time and what annoyed me most were  elderly women, who just cannot wait patiently in line, but need to jump the queue and start nagging. But of course i was just a tourist and for tourists life in Peru is generally plain sailing. On the other side an article in the New York Times i have read on my flight back home confirmed my view, that the outlook could be a bit dim. Peru meanwhile belongs to the emerging markets, where the economy grows at rates of about 6 % p. a.. Big foreign corporate money flows in with the exploitation of raw material meaning more prosperity for the middle- and higher class - housing prices in Lima and Cusco are already skyrocketing. As usual where some become richer others are left behind, living in a destroyed and contaminated environment and are unable to participate at the newly found wealth. Maybe it doesn't take long and we see the resurrection of the "Shining Path" or another terrorist group fighting those injustices... . I once spent three days in an appartment house with oceanview in upscale Lima-Miraflores and it bored the heck out of me. Leaving it i had to pass security. Outside at every corner - security and police cars patroling the streets. Rich people living in constant fear behind high walls, that some pennyless dude could rob them and thus keeping psychiatrists busy. Anytime i prefer sharing a beer with less affluent people in a cantina in Cusco and once they are all torn down to make room for slick appartment buildings i know it is time to pack up and move elsewhere. But so far i still can quote Arnie from one of his shitty movies : " Cusco, i'll be back !".

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