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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sports gone crazy

 Remarkable, what some folks do to get ahead of the competition in the world of sports. The capsized beast to the left was built to win the  America's Cup. When not upside down it is supposed to plow through the water with 80 km/h. Also it is loaded with state-of-the-art technology and came with a price tag of 10 million $, paid by software giant Oracle's CEO and multi billionaire Larry Ellison. Two days ago a similar constructed boat broke apart and killed a British sailor. Everybody is in shock now and sends out prayers, but of course the show goes on until the next tragedy happens - only for the sake of some polished metal. In Formula 1  Racing a team sponsored by that sticky brew producer Red Bull now exchanges four tires in 2 seconds !! and 18 men are deployed to achieve that. Meanwhile six lads died performing off-the-wall stunts Red Bull wanted to use for marketing purposes. Football is littered with shady characters investing exorbitant sums trying to win titles at any price. Usually you would think people turn away in disgust, but the opposite is right and more and more become crazy about it - the old principle of bread and games works better than ever. Personally i follow football for betting purposes, but vowed a long time ago, that i will never again support it directly with a single cent. I do have a affinity for horse racing though, obviously  a multi million Euro business too, but still somewhat  steeped in tradition. You cannot tinker around with a thoroughbred race horse, as they do with race cars and you will not find an Irish jockey with a fancy haircut.

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