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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Barry Soetoro´s Last Stance

Given nothing gets in between, today is the final day in office by the the man presen-
ted to the public under the name Barack Hussein Obama. While many of his predeces-
sors were distinguished personalities, Obama certainly does´not belong in that
category, in fact he is as phony as it gets.

Someone once figured out , that through the bloodline Obama is a distant relative to
George W. Bush and Richard Cheney, thus making him the President of the United
States,the power would remain within the "family". Furthermore through his dark skin
and his lanky and juvenile appearance many would perceive him as the new Messias
after those dreadful Bush years, however a few obstacles needed to be cleared. There
were always rumours lingering, that Obama was not born in the U.S., thus his presid-
ency had been illegal and these rumours were confirmed now by proving the fakery
of his birth certificate. Also he had the reputation of a cocaine consumer with a low
level working attitude and i get the sneaky suspicion his biografy was embellished
for example through his enrollment at Columbia University, where hardly nobody
ever saw him, to  give his qualifications for being a president more credibility. That
he married a "woman" he sometimes calls by her right name Michael, thus disclosing
his sexual preference by blunder and with the addition of two girls and a doggie to 
exhibit the role model family knowing this would appeal to the traditional voter, com-
pletely fits the picture.

More importantly though, he led more wars than Bush, gave orders to kill thousands of
mostly innocent people through drones and didn´t close Gitmo as promised. Also part
of his legacy are a steep raise of national debt and Obamacare, a health insurance,
whose premiums skyrocketed in return for a meager service, thus it seems it is only a
tool to pull money out of the peoples pockets.

The bottom line is, Obama must be seen as a complete failure and nothing but a
stooge of the elites, who want a warfare against Russia and that is, why Obama 
recently gave marching orders for thousands of tanks and other military equipment,
which is currently rolling eastwards towards the Russian border. Of course it would
be foolish to have high expectations in a politician, but with Donald Trump things can
only get better.

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