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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Politicians Keep Out ...

A couple of posts ago i demanded the absence from politicians in the process
of the most important decision making of a nation or at least the municipal level,
since the vast majority of them are neither characterlly nor professionally quali-
fied for the job. Here the old saying "Democracy means the trough stays, the pigs
are changing " springs to mind implying they have no interest to serve the people,
but want to enrich themselves. In Bosnia-Herzigovina the city of Podgora followed
that maxime, booted all politicians out and took matters in their own hands and it
works a treat.

In France meanwhile, the people realized it was not such a good idea to make
Rothschild stooge Macron  their president with a pinch of manipulation incuded.
A large group of protesters named "The Yellow Vests" has been formed and they even
refuse to talk to Macron not willing to compromise an inch. Is France on a path lead-
ing to the civil war with the ordo ab chao following ? Perhaps and that is, why Merkel
wants a EU-army, because local soldiers have no permission to shoot locals in case of
riots. Scary scenery for shure, though how else are the people able to apply pressure,
when the government is so flagrantly on a warfare against the own population. A gen-
al strike or tax evasion ? Difficult. Maybe us Germans could learn a thing or two from
the French how to conduct a fierce manifestation, when the German way to protest is
to ask for permission and go home two minutes before the allotted expiration time.

Report about Podgora ...

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