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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The madness continues...

Actually i didn´t want to pollute my blog with another post featuring chancellora Merkel, also known as "IM Erika" ( that´s right, she was a Stasi mole, read more here ), the weather vane or Miss Energy Pirouette. But her recent annoucement to hand over more billions of peoples hard earned to banks in need winds me up. Germany a democracy ? I would rather call it a party dictatorship, whose government continues to ignore the will of the vast majorty of the people. M. demands more democracy in eastern european countries, but if a member of her own party has a deviating opinion ( not everyone in the CDU is a bootlicker ) she unleahes her bandog R. Pofalla to bring him back in line. Why she acts like that ? Simple. She is under the thumb from "Deutsche Bank" boss J. Ackermann.

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