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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Great Euro Swindle

I watched an interesting documentary yesterday with the above title ( can be seen here ). Before the Euro was introduced the Greece finance minister Papantoniou complained to the German finance minister Theo Waigel, that the new Euro bills don't have any greek letters. Theo replied, that this isn't required since Greece is no member of the Eurozone and will never be. Papantoniou offered a bet. Greece then started to forge their balance of accounts invalidating nearly every rule of solid accounting with  no outsider having permission to check the numbers. But when they didn't succeed Greece pulled another trump out of their sleeves: Antigone "Adi" Loudiadis. This woman is an associate from Goldman Sachs ,  knows every trick of the trade and took matters in her hands. Greece shortly after that joined the Eurozone and the rest is history. Would i bet on a bright future for the Euro ? Not with stolen money

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