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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Outlook for 2013

Blimey, the year is almost over again and it is time for a final write up. A copy and paste job from last years post would fit, but for a change here is a shortlist of things i will not do next year. I will not waste more time than necessary with fruitless work, i will not learn how to dance Gangnam-style, i will not accept a prize or award, i will not cast a ballot in Germany's general elections and i will not waste any emotions for professional sports. Did i forget something ? Probably, but that's it for now. The way i see it the pace of life is ever increasing and greed, profits, growth and more greed are the names of the game and i will not play along. I never cared about material or financial wealth and will continue to do so. Should the inevitable happens and bankster and their clueless, compliant politicians send the nation into desperation due to a system crash i will stay relatively relaxed since i don't have  much to lose and no kids to feed. Maybe i am too pessimistic, maybe the future proves me right - the jury is out. Cheers for reading all this and a swell 2013. Off to Peru the day after tomorrow.

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