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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Recommended books

"Von der Wüste und vom Meer: Zwei Grenzgänger, eine Sehnsucht " is a book written by two German gentlemen, Wilfried Erdmann and Achill Moser. Wilfried sailed alone around the world in a small boat, while Achill hiked through nearly every desert, so clearly neither is a  faint hearted all-inclusive tourist. In their book they narrate about the challenges, beauties and perils of nature and a self-determined life in wide open spaces.  If you need a timeout from the daily grind, your grouchy wife or unruly kids this is a cracking good inspirational read.

The other book has been called " Der grösste Raubzug der Geschichte" and explains, why the hard-working class becomes poorer and the rich richer, no matter what. It answers questions concerning the finance system and takes a journey into a world full of  lies, fraud and the biggest annihilation of capital mankind ever has whitnessed. But here is a word of warning. Should you be a happy bunny and believe happiness is only a lack of information - don't bother !

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