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Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Alternative für Deutschland"

I will travel to Cuba in June and had the original plan to revitalize Fidel Castro and bring him over to Germany along with his iron broom to sweep politicians from the CDUSPDFDPGRÜNE block party out of the parliament. With the establishment of the "Alternative für Deutschland" (AfD) party that is not necessary anymore and i can concentrate on drinking rum and smoke cigars. The AfD staunchly opposes the Euro and that is just the right thing to do, because the Euro splits the EU, weakens the stronger countries and prevents a economic resurrection from weaker countries. The Dakota indians already knew it by saying " When you notice you are sitting on a dead horse, get off ". The Eurozone is dead as a dodo, but politicians from the above mentioned block party refuse to acknowledge it and  paid  last week another 10 bn Euros for Cyprus, a small island known for welcoming dirty money, and Slovenia waiting next in line. And what is that all about ? Here is my theory: Spineless politicians are playing in the hands of the high finance, who are trying to gain control about Europe by degrading Germany and make many other countries dependent from the European Central Bank (EZB). Besides that more and more competences from the national governments are shifted to Brussels, enhancing right wing tendencies. In the USA this scheme already worked very well with the Federal Reserve Bank. The Fed is by no means federal, but privately owned. It's absurd - the U.S. government borrows money from them and then some more to pay interest. The U.S. are in debt of many trillions of $ and in whose satchel belongs that money ? Rothschild's, Morgan's, Warburg's to name a few and to call Barack Obama the world's most powerful person is  a joke, these people just push him up front to execute their orders. I am afraid Europe goes the same route and hope the AfD gets in their way. I was determined to skip the elections, but will now cast my ballot for the AfD, period.

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