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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bird flu crisis ? I smell a rat ...

Mainstream media just spread the news about an bird flu outbreak in China killing a couple of people. After i recently stumbled upon this video by Jesse Ventura i approach news like that with caution. Jesse has been a former Navy Seal, professional wrestler, governor of Minnesota and is an absolute no-nonsense guy, who conducted an investigation on a clandestine group of powerful people with sinister intentions, called the "Bilderberger". They try to establish a New World Order with a single regime that rules the world, but since there are meanwhile too many human beings inhabiting the planet they need methods to reduce their number. One could be that they stage a pandemic via their controlled media and when panic starts people rush to the medics to receive a flu shot . That is at least, what they believe when in reality they receive something making them unfertile or harm them in another way. Sounds sick ? There are some sick minds among us, damned !

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