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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cuba II

Cuba has still something the modern world completely smothered with abundant money and plastic - and that is soul. While most inner cities by now look more or less the same with skyscrapers occupied by the usual suspects Havana has hardly changed, when i was there for the first time nearly a decade ago. Generally Cubans are a friendly lot though they have their share of touts and more than once a confidence trickster tried to get a quick peso out of my pocket. After some conversations with locals i got the impression they are doing relatively good despite the ongoing embargo, although some were moaning about their low wages or how little they receive with their food ration cards. The Buena Vista Social Club made their music quite famous, but to my ear the sound belongs in the "When you know one song, you know them all" category and sometimes i was relieved, when the bar band took a break. Cigars can be purchased for a fraction of the regular price from the "La Cooperativa" , located behind the Patargas factory. There are always dudes loitering around in the area willing to show you the way. To sum it up : Cigars, rum and slinky ladies - the trip panned out as expected and my advice would be to leave your better half at home and see for yourself.

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