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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Germany not sovereign ...

That's right, Germany the economic powerhouse, G8 member and what not is not a sovereign nation. It  has the status it had right after World War 2 ( German Empire ) and is de facto still occupied by allied powers according to reliable sources. Neither the peace treaty from 1947 nor the 2+4 treaty from 1990 changed that. For me as a German citizen this is important to know and understand, because it provides answers to different questions. Some are : Why is German gold stored in the FED's basement in New York City ? Why paid Germany 1.2 billion € to a US company for a useless drone ? Why lost Airbus Industries a big order for building tanker aircrafts they had already bagged again to US companies ? Why can the NSA spy on German soil as they please ? Because Germany is their vasall. Chancellora Angela Merkel should be fully aware of this, but dishonest as we know her, she said she had no idea of the spying activities and was completely caught by surprise. One of her CDU lickspittles (Mr. Binninger) added she couldn't know it , because the NSA spies from outside Germany ... oh dear, oh dear. To keep the charade intact Merkel dispatched secretary of the interior Hans-Peter "Fiete" Friedrich to Washington to ask for explanations. He probably listened to the following words: "Howdy Fiete, great to see ya, but we unfortunately ain't got no time for ya. Have a nice trip back home." And home he went like a doused poodle. How these chumps made it into government is beyond me - higher powers ? Go figure ! However they have a fair chance of becoming reelected in September and i think we are in for a rude awakening afterwards.

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