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Saturday, February 15, 2014


Last week Switzerland had a referendum about the free movement of persons within the EU and the majority voted in favour of a more controlled migration, something that is common practice in most countries outside the EU. Now many EU politicians are not used anymore to sovereign decisions made by sovereign people of sovereign countries and started to howl in outrage. Right now the discussions mostly concern Bulgaria and Romania and i ask myself , whether it is a good thing when many of their brightest minds leave their countries instead of staying home trying to improve the economic situation. On the other hand lots of  have-nots immigrate in search of a better life, what is completely understandable, and try to abuse the German social system ( a trade licence for 5 Euro enables that), while others are willing to work in the low wage sector and therefore are saluted by the German economy, which will keep undercutting wages in some areas. Germany meanwhile is a gangster´s paradise,  partly because of the EU . Egbert Buelles was a German senior prosecutor for 30 years and in his book " Germany - Country Of Criminals " he describes his war against the organized crime, where he fought a losing battle against slave traders or organisations like the Camorra - open borders make their criminal mischief a lot easier. Now i am not xenophobic and prefer to live in a multicultural society, however the EU with their free movement of people comes with plenty of negatives. Writing of the EU i still want to mention the approaching EU-USA free trading zone, something Switzerland  neither likely has to deal with. I already can envision myself , how CEO´s of big US corporations rub their hands, who after they have wiped the floor with EU politicians  got the go-ahead to export all sorts of garbage like gen manipulated seeds or chlorine chicken into the EU. Should a EU country refuse the entry of some of these goods the manufacturer can sue the country in question for compensation and certainly we are looking at many millions of taxpayers Euros changing hands. Congrats to the Swiss for the outcome of their referendum and not being a part of the EU.

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