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Sunday, February 9, 2014

" You took the words right out of my mouth " ...

... is not only a great song by Meat Loaf, but also a line fitting nicely to a quote from Victoria Nuland, U.S. agent for Europe. In a telephone conversation with the U.S ambassador in the Ukraine she said : F*** the E.U. ! A slogan, who woke up chancellora Merkel out of her winter sleep ( " Absolutely unacceptable " ) and will pretty soon be popular on t-shirts and bumper stickers. In an earlier post i already mentioned , why i am strictly against the E.U. and the parlament elections in May are the next opportunity to put matters straight. If every country minds his own business according to its economic power, mentality and culture and they all live and trade peacefully together this is something i certainly prefer to becoming enslaved by a financial elite. Meanwhile the German constitutional court expressed concerns about the purchase of bonds by the EZB - i can help out there. Article 125 of the  Lisbon treaty from 2009 clearly states, that a Euro bailout fund is forbidden, however this is just another example, where the government breaches the law and unfortunately the constituitional court buckles under their and the EZB´s pressure.

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