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Monday, January 19, 2015


PE ...what ? PEGIDA stands for Patriotic Europeans Against The Islamisation Of The Occident. The organisation was founded by someone with a criminal record, what raises the question, whether he was approached by the secret service to establish the organisation in return for whatever favor. It is obvious, that such a movement would generate countermarchers ( some were paid 10 Euros per hour by the state of Saxonia ! ) and then we look again at the beloved game of " divide and rule ". There are currently around 4 million Muslims living in Germany worshipping in ca. 3000 mosques. While the majority are valuable members of the society and the economy, many refuse to assimilate and want to live according to their own laws including introducing the shariá. Out of consideration Christian crosses were taken off the wall ... Some schools don´t serve pork any longer ... Female Muslims receive special bathing times in indoor swimming pools, when everybody else has to leave and the windows are covered with curtains ... Muslims, who commit a crime during Ramadan receive a discounted penalty, because they were not themselves due to malnutrition and the list goes on. Clearly many times this has nothing to do with tolerance, but with fear. Please take the time to watch the excellent German spoken video "PEGIDA - Stress ohne Grund" , which covers all angles in a in my opinion objective manner. Meanwhile it happens for all to see, that Europe plunges towards chaos, not only because of the Euro mess, but also through failed immigration politics with the target to establish a new order afterwards - Samuel Huntington and Thomas Barnett write about it in their books. Vural Oeger is an Turkish entrepeneur and SPD member with a German passport, who once analogously said, that fertile Turkish men and women will continue, where Sultan Sueleyman started with the siege of Vienna in 1529 and thus Turkish people will vastly outnumber Germans by 2100. He dismissed that quote later on as drivel, however i think he got it spot on.

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