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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Russia Today in German ...

... with the TV-show " Der fehlende Part " is a welcomed addition to the German media landscape. Their webpage alone makes a good read, however the before mentioned show really attracts one´s attention, where fresh faces take away smoke and mirrors and get to the heart of the matter. Their studio guests are interesting, though sometimes controversial and are presented by charming Jasmin Kosubek - half a hour very well spent. On the other hand we have the public-law television, which in my opinion meanwhile has frittered away the last jota of credibility. Only three weeks ago, Ukrainian Premier and death merchant A. Jazenjuk committed a scandalous forgery of history concerning  World War 2 during the ARD broadcast "Tagesthemen" and was not contradicted by the moderator. More recently after the rocket attack of Mariupol ARD associate U. Lielischkies, a notorious liar, interviewed an Ukrainian soldier sporting Nazi symbols. Their conclusion of course was, that only the rebels can be responsible, when in reality it becomes more and more clear, that the Ukrainian army stands behind it. In this context it also would be interesting to know, why a camouflaged and armed American is prowling the streets of Mariupol. In the Empire Of Terror aka the USA RT´s candidness is not welcome, so that  now American broadcasting boss Andrew Lack even compared RT as the same challenge as the islamist groups IS or Boko Haram - he probably would rather shut them down sooner than later. Last night i watched a video called "The Gray State" by filmmaker David Crowley. It is only a raw version, because before Crowley could put on the finnishing touches he and his family were shot and killed. The movie throws a characteristic light of the USA, where nearly everything is handled with violence, domestically and internationally and it goes without saying, that this country cannot be accepted as world leader and this is, where Russia and Putin come into play. The upcoming violent American football Super Bowl game with the following destruction of the winning teams inner city will provide more proof.

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