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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

RT Uncut Chronicles ...

... is a video reviewing events in the Ukraine after the one per cent, this fellow being a member of them, decided to push forward the establishment of the New World Order with thousands already dead and many more suffering. Meanwhile US. Pres. Obama freely admitted, that the Empire of Terror is responsible for the coup d´Etat in Kiew, although he rather used the euphemism " Brokering a deal for the transition of power ". As things stand the USA contemplate sending more arms to the Ukraine worth billions of dollars due to the persistent resistance of the rebels, who responded by voicing the intention to acquire 100000 more troops. For Russian Pres. Putin the situation is very difficult. Does he stand by and doesn´t intervene, Poroschenko´s Nazi batallions commit further genocides, does he dispatch troops over the border to support the Russian speaking population, the Americans finally have the reason to start a full scale war against Russia, what becomes more likely, if their finance system is about to crumble. Believe it or not, Barack Obama through the bloodline is a distant relative to Bush and Cheney and certainly has no problems to step in front of his teleprompter and declare a warfare against Russia. And what about EU- politicians and the mainstream media ? You would expect them trying to ease the situation by expressing concerns over a possible escalation and address criticism to whom it belongs. Far from it, being a handpicked bunch of lickspittles without conscience, they continue following the given line, not considering they themselves perhaps meet some day the same fate as the dismembered poor souls in the video.

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