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Monday, February 16, 2015

+++ 15.4.2015 +++ 15.4.2015 +++ 15.4.2015 +++ ...

... could be a day spelling more trouble for the already run-down continent of Europe. According to some webpages ends at that date, 70 years after WW2, the occupation statute of the former Soviet Union for Poland and Belarus meaning this countries are handed back to the German Empire with the implementation of the German mark and since the Soviet Union does not exist anymore the contract cannot be extended. After instruction from Russia this could be applied for the previous German Democratic Republic as well. What this is all about is still unclear and we have to wait. Meanwhile in Minsk peace talks concerning the Ukraine crisis were conducted and why Putin spent the whole night negotiating with those clowns Merkel, Hollande and Poroschenko is beyond me, the more so since the agreements are already obsolete again. Merkel arrived directly from Washington and her blank face gave me the impression, she received a full dosage of the American MKUltra treatment to make sure she doesn´t act against American interests. In the meantime even the most ignorant should have understood, that Putin is the go-to guy and not Merkel nor US.-Pres. Obama with the rabid zio-cons surrounding him. These zionists and their partners in crime ( organised in the PNAC ) see their One World Government phantasies slipping away with the establishment of the BRICS federation and the influence of the Worldbank, BIZ and IMF dwindling, while furthermore the petrodollar scam is about to crack with Iran and Egypt the latest countries to turn away from the US- dollar.They will desperately try to get rid of Putin and want to replace him with one of their own, the convicted criminal oligarch Mikhail Khodorkowsky. With him they could continue, where they had to quit after the Boris Yelzin ( Jelzman ) era. To me it´s only a question of time until the Americans deliver arms to the Ukraine and start the cabal from there. The mainstream media still plays along despite losing heaps of customers, it seems someone reimburses them for the financial losses, so that they can keep going on trying to brainwash people´s minds. However i feel, they all are fighting a uphill battle, since more and more folks are searching for the truth at alternative medias and offer resistance, what is urgently necessary, as the Russians made it very clear, they only accept so much American bollocks and are able to convert Washington anytime to a load of rubble. Here is , what Brother Nathanael has to say

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