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Monday, February 23, 2015

Democracy ? What Democracy ...?

Last week socialist Olaf Scholz became reelected mayor of my hometown Hamburg. He is an halfway decent bloke, doing his job and is certainly no face in the crowd, though he could manage to catch the eye of a group of very powerful people - the Bilderberger. They invited him to their meeting in 2010 and, hey presto, he became the elected mayor soon afterwards with Hamburg a socialist stronghold certainly helping his cause. His ambitions don´t end there and he is already under discussion to become the socialist candidate for the next general elections and if he meets the requirements of the Bilderberger Group, he will be the upcoming chancellor, no matter what, while clueless voters pilgramage to the ballot-box not knowing , that the election outcome is already done and dusted. It seems everybody, who wants to have a top position in politics or the economy needs their thumbs-up or he/she can forget about it. That is the western style democracy, which shall function as a role model for non-democratic countries around the world - great ! And rest assured, if the Federal Republic in Germany would be a true democracy, we would not be a member of the EU, a member of NATO and would still have the German Mark. However the population´s opinion simply does not matter and here is , where it gets complicated. I already wrote before, that Germany is not a sovereign country, but is registered as a Non Government Organisation, where the trade law rules and this law considers us citizens as objects and objects have no rights, not to mention that it is a perfect tool to plunder the people. All this thanks to the American occupation ( SHAEF military laws ), which goes on for seventy years now and is financed by the Germans themselves !!! My red passport ( a sovereign country has a blue passport ) with some subtle entries is a constant reminder of that status. It is quite confusing, that the name Germany actually refers to the German Reich within the boundaries from 31.12.1937 and that the Federal Republic in Germany ( BRiD ) is only a part within the German Reich. This makes the 15.4.2015 an interesting day, when the occupation charter of the former Soviet Union for Poland and Belarus ends and that territory falls back to the German Reich, which still exists, but cannot function, because of a missing organisation. Politicians and the media are trying to keep us stupid about the subjects, but You Tube has plenty of informative videos about it and for inhabitants of the Federal Republic in Germany watching some of them should be mandatory. Recommended videos are from Reiner Oberueber , conrebbi and chembuster33.

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