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Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Zika Virus

My mother called me up recently to inform and warn me about the Zika virus. I told
her, that mosquitos don´t live in an altitude nearly two miles high and that i also
wouldn´t mindlessly shag around in the neighborhood, so no worries there.

Nonetheless i took a closer look at the subject and shure enough it only needed brief
research to figure out we are played for fools once again. The virus is already known
for 69 years and was considered little hazardous, though all of a sudden is held res-
ponsible for the microcephaly disease. This disease is also well known as earlier cases
are linked to vaccinations taken by pregnant women. The World Health Organization,
controlled by bigwig D. Rockefeller, of course talks about developing a vaccine to
fight the disease and when it comes to mass vaccinations alarm bells start to ring ,
especially if Bill Gates is in the mix.

But it doesn´t end there. In Brazil they make extensive use of pesticides,who are acc-
ording to some sources responsible for the outbreak. So is a mosquito used as a cover
up ? Easy to believe, when the producer of this pesticide is a company (Sumitomo)
with close ties to Monsanto.

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